The Day After The Duel

(COMPLETED) *Hamilton Musical Spoilers* This is a short play about what could have happened on the first day after Hamilton's duel with Burr if he would have narrowly avoided it. Enjoy!


1. Key

Key: AH= Alexander Hamilton

    AB= Aaron Burr

    ES/EH (It switches) = Eliza

    ASH= Angelica (Hamilton’s daughter)

         ALJ= Alexander Jr. (Hamilton’s son)

    JAH= James Alexander (Hamilton’s son)

    JCH= John Church (Hamilton’s Son)

    WSH= William Stephen (Hamilton’s Son)

    EBJ= Elizabeth (Hamilton’s daughter)

    PJH= Philip (#2) (Hamilton’s Son)

    ROF= Rest Of Family

      This is a video that sparked my the idea and I don't own anything in the video. The only things I really own are my own writing and ideas. I am not trying to steal the video in any way and all rights go to their rightful owners.  Here is the link:



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