2. 2

Chapter 2

Hazza's POV



I scroll through my instagram and i see a picture of a girl- its Alayna. I immediately see what her username is and i search it, only 400 followers that's sad. I request to follow her and i'm immediately declined, i try again, and again and again. I get a DM from her saying "fuck off, it's not gonna happen."

When i go request to follow her, it doesnt let me- she fucking blocked me- in fact she blocked all of us except Niall? What the hell, im not that mean to her. I smirk, and text Louis. "Ill teach that bitch a lesson, we have to break up for it though.. but trust me in the end, its gonna be worth it."

He replies " Okay :*


Alayna's POV

I woke up after I left and Harry requesting me on Instagram. Why the hell would he want to follow me?  I block him, he does not need to Cyberbully me.  I get up to get some food from the kitchen, when a car pulls into the driveway, Mark. He opens the door plops himself on the couch it says “did you feed the horses?”

“Like I always do”

“I’m going out for a couple days so you have to use the truck”

“Alright,” I grabbed an apple and head to bed.



Beep beep beep!

“Ugh enough of one of the school” I say sarcastically.  I change into my white ripped jeans and I put on my grey lace top I throw on my black vans. I go downstairs, noticing the car's gone, Mark already left.

Since our School has a farm, I decided to ride midnight to school.



I'm walking to the school getting dirty looks from everyone- I missed maths, oops.  That’s one Harry comes up to me. “Mr. Boucher that I need to tutor u in maths, you’re not doing well” he smiles a cheeky grin.

“Why did he pick you?”  I ask

“Because I'm actually good at it” i open my locker, covering his face.  I get kicked in the shin

“Look at me when I'm talking!”  He knees me in the stomach, and I fall down.  Then he kicked me in the chest- hard.  I gasp for air. “See you in third period fatty” he walks away laughing.


I  let the tears from my eyes and I run to the bathroom,  I lock the door behind me I throw off my bracelets and  i pull a blade  out of my bag. – I start cutting.

Bitch, slut, and fatty- I repeat to myself, letting the blood drip down my scar covered arm. I slide against the wall, when I hear a British accent ‘be right back love...” He closes the stall door behind him. It’s Zayn freaking Malik. He looks over at me- at this point there’s a pool of blood on the floor- and he…


"go ahead kick me" i say shakily. He shakes his head and wets a paper towel, he grabs my arm- very gently and wipes up the blood, the wraps it in gauze  that he got from the First Aid Kit. "dont do this. he says softly- taking my hand- and standing up.

I wipe a tear slipping from my eye "Why?" He shrugs (he knows she's asking about the bullying) He pushes the hair out of my face " GET OUT OF HERE BITCH" then he whispers "hollys, in heer, i dont want her hurting you." i simply nod and head out the door. "wait holly? Niall's girlfriend- i mean she's the only Holly in this school.." i murmur to myself- that's when i bump into Niall. "watch where you're going!" he says annoyed


"Harry told me to tell you that he said to meet at his place for the Maths thing"

"er, okay" Niall frowns.

"Sorry" He pats my shoulder and walks away.

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