It was an awesome offer. To go on holiday with my best friend. What I didn't know then was that I was about to step into a nightmare...


1. The holiday I'd been waiting for

This story is based on true events. Of course I don't blame you for not believing it but if you want to hear a true story, or if you want to hear a story that you think is made up, is up to you.

The day had finally come, April first. The when I got to go on holiday with my best friend Ethan for an entire week. It seemed to good to be true. An entire week away from my family. My mum stood next to me as I knocked on the red door of my friends house.
"morning John!" Said Ethan as he stepped out extending his arm for a fist bump. I smiled.
"morning man" I said carrying my bags into his house.
After Ethan was done exchanging phone numbers with my mum she left. "ya ready man? Today the holiday finally starts. We've been planning this since January"
"yeah bro. And thanks again for inviting me, hey Viggo." I said as Ethans little brother walked downstairs.
"don't worry about it man you've helped me out alot so this is my way of saying thanks. By the way we've got some time before my dad shows up to drive us there. Wanna come see my pet snakes?" He said pointing upstairs.
Soon I was holding Ethans pet royal python Hector. I looked over at his bedside table. There were some empty boxes. "hey man what're those?" I said nodding with my head because my wrists were tied up with hector coiling around them.
"oh just my medication," he said holding up the box and shaking it. His eyes widened and he quickly checked his pocket. "oh good for a second there I thought I was out." He said holding up a packet of pills.
"what would happen if you didn't take them?" I said.
He looked down. "look man there's something you should know if I stop  taki-" he stopped talking as there was a knock on the door. "oh looks like dad's here." He ran downstairs. Ethans dad was a big man with a bald head, and what looked like a bikers moustache. "morning boys you ready to go?"
"yeah" Ethan said grabbing his bag. "Mum, Torri, and Jordan have already left."
I remember Ethan saying that Torri was his sister and Jordan was her fiancée.
The drive was boring. And there was only so much of Ethans incredibly heavy music i could stand. But after what seemed like forever we crossed the border into Cornwall.
As we drove down one of the many country roads to the campsite we passed a ruined building that looked really old. "Hey dad what's that?" Said Viggo pointing.
"That? That's an old tin mine. They've been standing for ages. They're not used anymore though."
I dont know what it was but the building was really creepy. Even In the daylight.
Later that day we were in the caravan. Viggo had a room to himself. I think it was something to do with his autism that he preferred to sleep alone. Ethan's dad had the double bed in the other room which meant me and Ethan had to share the lounge with the sofa beds. "hey man it's still light. Wanna go down the beach and get some sparring done?" Ethan said. Ethan was a bit of a martial arts nut. He had done karate, judo, tai Kwan do , and kickboxing. Me on the other hand I preferred fencing and another martial art called HMA (historic martial arts. So it involved lots of medieval weapons) "yeah sure" I said getting my trainers on.
Down on the beach Ethan basically used me as a punching bag. He was quick and strong and used a lot of kicks chained together. I tried my best to guard but suddenly he lunged forward and got my right I the stomach with a side kick.
"nice try man" he said helping me up.
"ouch ya really got me there" I said winded. "why don't we do some rock climbing instead?"
Soon we were climbing on the rocks. The waves crashing beneath us.... That's when I saw it. The rock that Ethan was about to step on looked loose! As he stepped on it I heard a crack and the rock gave way. I dived forward and grabbed Ethan pulling him back. He fell back and something fell out his pocket...
"thanks man" he breathed heavily. I think you just saved my life.
But if i had known what my actions would have led to I would have pushed him straight off instead....

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