It was an awesome offer. To go on holiday with my best friend. What I didn't know then was that I was about to step into a nightmare...


2. the first night

​That night Ethan was searching through his bags for something. He checked all the pockets. Frantically he got up and started looking around the caravan.

​"Ethan? What's up?" I said looking up from my game.

​"nothing, have you seen my meds anywhere? I haven't seen them since we got here and it's nearly time for me to take them"

​"well missing a couple of doses can't be that bad can it?" I said helping him look.

​Ethan looked down. Something was bothering him, "yeah it wont be too bad" he sighed. "anyway we should get some sleep, we're going swimming tomorrow" he said lying down and pulling his duvet around himself.

​I laid back in my own bed and tried to get some sleep.

​That night awoke to a strange noise....scratching... I turned over and saw Ethan standing in the kitchen wearing his hoodie with the hood up. He was scratching the kitchen counter with his nails. He stopped and tipped his head to one side listening... Once he had stopped he slowly walked back to bed.

​The next morning I woke up and saw Ethan eating breakfast. "morning man you sleep ok?" He said with his mouth full.

​"yeah I guess..hey bro do you sleep walk?"

​Ethan turned pale "what do you mean?" He said putting his slice of toast down.

​"well last night you were in the kitchen scratching the sides" I said pointing at the counter.

​"oh that's weird, must have been sleepwalking " he smiled.

​At the time we both dismissed it as just that...if only we knew what was in store for us.

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