A Long Living Existence

A girl who loses everything on a night that changes her life forever


3. The Nightmare Begins

In my mind I could see my dad being torn apart, looking back made me realize how weak and useless I am, after a few minutes these two things woke me up; the tears running down my cheek and someone touching my face. At first I assumed it was my mother, but I realized that she has no idea where I was, my eyes shot open knowing that I would see the guy who brought me here & what surprised me was that he had a gentle look in his eyes compared to the ones I saw as well as that he wasn't anywhere near me. I was a bit cautious as he approached me & when he sat down I made an attempt to move away only to find it impossible then I noticed that he put his arm on my shoulder; while attempting to remove his arm I ask "Why did you bring me here and who are you" he smiled while he said "Well let's just say I couldn't let you get killed by him, you seem like a smart, kind and seemingly cautious person and as for my name that will me kept a secret for now; would you mind turning around so I can check your wound" I backed away while saying "I appreciate your offer of help, but I'm not much for physical contact so could you kindly refrain from touching me" then got up with the intention of finding the restroom although I had no luck on finding it & was taken by surprise when he took my hand and lead me to the restroom. Once we reached it he told me "As soon as you're done there will be disinfectant and bandages on the table, also if you need help with that let me know okay" I nod as I went in there then washed  my face & removed the blood from my hands; when I finished I got the disinfectant and attempt to apply it to my wound, but missed. A few attempts later had me asking that guy for help; as he finished I turned around with the intention to thank him, but stopped when I saw his eyes start to become darker than the last time. I started back away once I noticed that there was a small bit of blood on his hand; noticing the same thing he licked the blood away then walked towards me. I was really terrified, completely frozen and I didn't know what to do next, but I was going to find a way out even though I knew it would be pointless and as I started my attempt he was blocking the exit while saying "What's wrong there's nothing to be afraid of" & approached me. Seeing the darkness of his eyes caused me to tremble, I was more focused on my fear that I didn't notice his approach until he had a hold on my wrist; I looked at him only to see him come close to biting my arm, but I stopped him then said "I know what you're trying to do, but I want you to go outside and find yourself a different victim" then pulled him off my arm and walked away. After a few minutes I sat in a corner while hoping he took my advice since it was quiet; I listened for his footsteps when I heard the door close, as they got closer I felt a difference presence. Not wanting to be found I slowly make my way to the back door, butwas stopped when the person grabbed my arm; I started to freak out and tried to get away which was pointless as I noticed that I was making no progress then I stopped, was about to turn around, but the person grabbed my head and angled it so that my throat was exposed. Before I could understand what was happening I felt something pierce my skin and my blood flow going backwards; I realized what he was doing, but I wasn't aware that he injected something into my blood until pain radiated through my body and in the next second I was screaming while the guy walked away. I leaned against the wall as the pain got worse, I was about to scream again when that guy came through the door, saw me on the floor, came to my side and asked "What happened" while sitting me up I said "This man came in the house after you left and I thought he was you, but when he got closer I felt a difference in his presence so I tried to escaped, but he had already grabbed my arm; I attempted to get away from him which was pointless then he bit my neck and took some of my blood as well as inject something in me then he walked away as I started to feel pain" he picked me up, put me on the couch and said "I hope you'll enjoy becoming part of the night world and if you sleep the pain will be more durable" and he left after I fell asleep. As my whole body changed I saw all of my memories that were filled with sadness and suffering that was affecting me & knowing I can never go back to the life I had made the sadnesses grow so much that I could practically feel tears fall.

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