A Long Living Existence

A girl who loses everything on a night that changes her life forever


1. A Living Nightmare

On some night I would hear stories of people disappearing one night and being found dead the next morning, this has been happening a lot, although this night was going to be different. On the night of February 1st, 1759, all types of night world creatures roamed through the world and my father and I were walking home from church. As we got close to our home a few people came out of nowhere and surrounded us, we stood still, none of them said anything until one came close and said "Well look how lucky we are, it's been a while since our food would be delivered to us" then started to move towards us. Dad and I couldn't understand what was happening, but after seeing their sharp teeth I realized what they were intending to do, I grabbed dad's hand and whispered "Father, we have to get out of here we're in danger" he moved infront of me & asked "What do you mean Syrenia" I would have explained, but the opportunity was taken when they grabbed dad and me. They held me still while the others pushed my dad on the ground, when they started to surround him I cried out "Leave him alone", although it caused some of the to stop the rest just got closer. I struggled against their grip while begging them to release my father, it was when they were about to bite him that something came over which caused me to fight them, after I got to dad one of them kicked me causing me to hit a wall as I was getting up I heard dad scream. I looked at him only to see that they were tearing apart, I stood there, frozen with fear, not knowing what I should do, as they were about to take his head off he said "Syrenia, run away and remember that you will never be alone" I was about to disagree but they already ripped his head off then they started to eat the severed body parts.

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