I remember you Cover made by NamesFromGraves


1. Hey

Hey Violet,

You don't know this yet but things are going to turn up for you. Not all on their own but they will. I know you, you're probably lying on your bed, listening to Taylor Swift and thinking about how terrible everything is. It's January and I believe you're only nine. You're sick of going to the "group" with your cousin. You're sick of talking about your mom. You just want this all to be over. You don't want her to come back, that would be impossible, you just want to get over all this grief. And you will, trust me. It'll be okay. You might want to stop hanging out with those girls. I know they're nice now but they won't be soon enough. And always remember the day in fifth grade when she tells you you have to chose between her and Margo. Remember that. I know what you chose and it will make things so much better. Also, stop beating yourself up over boys. Girls are so much better.

Love, Vivi

So this is a letter I wrote to my younger self. I'm definitely going to do more of these so yeah. <3

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