When two Seniors in high school meet, Arabella Marie Parker and Christopher Grant Thompson, their worlds change forever.

As we go along each chapter will be put in to each others point of view, I shall have the name of who's point of it is in to help.


5. 5

Arabella Marie Parker

I was cold, I woke up in Chris’s car curled into a ball on his lap. I just realized that it wasn’t a dream, I looked at my arms, covered in cuts and lashes. I thought about the past two horrible months and the pain all hit me at once, every lash, every cut and every bruise all at once hurt like hell. I cried into Chris’s chest, he make me feel better by rubbing my back, it only made it hurt even more. “Chris… please don’t touch me, it hurts, it all hurts,” he removed his hand from my back, “Baby, we need to take you to a hospital.” I wanted to agree but the thought of more things sticking inside of my skin made everything hurt even more, “No baby, please, just, we need to get home.” Chris realized I was in a lot of pain and started to cry, “Baby… don’t cry I will get better don’t worry… everything is going to be okay.” Tears still pouring from my face, I kissed him on the nose and did my best to hold in my tears and screams of pain.

We finally got home my car in his driveway. Chris opened the door and carefully carried me inside and placed me on the bed. Chris ran to his bathroom and grabbed his first aid kit and grabbed his antibiotic ointment, “Baby this is going to hurt like hell.” I didn’t care, “Baby… you’re going to have to be strong and no matter how loud I scream and cry for you to stop, don’t. You got it?” I looked at Chris and he looked up at me, “Okay baby.” He poured the ointment into a rag, “Okay, 1...2...3.” He rubbed the rag over every cut, every bruise and every lash, I screamed and cried and yelled in pain it hurt like there was fire burning my skin. I looked at Chris and his face was filled with tears, he knew he was doing something good for me but it came with the cost that I had to pay.

We got to my last few marks, I was used to it the burning feeling of the ointment on my skin. “You’re all done baby.” I made the attempt to walk to the dresser to grab my clothes but I fell straight to the ground. Chris dove to the ground and helped me up, “Baby I love you so much, but I need to try and do this on my own, I haven’t walked in so long. Just stay close by, okay?” Chris understood and carefully put me back on the ground. He was very patient and watched me fall over and over again re-learning how to walk. I eventually started to get the hang of it when I could completely feel my legs again. When I finally got my clothes I looked at Chris and he came over and helped me put them on. I put on one of Chris’s sweatshirts and my Star Wars PJ pants. I walked over to the couch curled up into a ball and lied down on the couch, Chris sat right next to me and carefully started to rub my back. It felt good his warm hand run over my cold body. I got up and grabbed a blanket and lied back down, Chris began to rub my back again. I looked up at him and he looked at me and asked, “Do you want to talk about it?” I nodded and said, “Where would you like me to start?” Chris grabbed my hand and said, “Where ever you want to.” I thought about it and all the horrors started to come back to me and I started to cry but I didn’t let Chris see. “There were 5 rules; 1, if I said anything other than yes sir or no sir I would get whipped 10 times; 2, If I moved without being told to I would get cut; 3, If I screamed, I would get hit with the chain; 4, If I didn’t listen to what he said exactly I would be shocked with the collar; 5, If I didn’t respond or do anything I would be either punched, kicked or slapped anywhere on my body.” Chris was holding me tight with tears in his eyes, I grabbed his hand and kissed it, he grabbed mine and looked at the marks on it and kissed it. Chris looked up at me and asked, “Did he…. Take advantage of you?” I looked at Chris with tears in my eyes, trying to hold them back and nodded. Chris squeezed my hand and I wrapped my arms around his neck and cried in his chest. I didn’t want to go into detail of what happened and I don’t think that Chris could handle the rest of the horrors.

We sat there for about 10 minutes just thinking about everything. “Chris can you come with me and shower?” Chris smiled, grabbed my hand and walked with me to the bathroom. We undressed and Chris started the shower, I looked into the mirror and realized how many times Nathan had hurt me. Chris walked over and started to rub my back, I looked at my arms all cut up, and my face had cuts and bruises all over it. Chris turned me around away from the mirror knowing that the longer I looked into it the more the memories would come back to me. We got into the warm shower and it had been so long since I took a soothing warm shower. All my shampoo and conditioner was where it was before my kidnapping and I missed it so much, I washed my hair and Chris helped me with the body wash. I couldn’t reach my back so Chris would take my soapy falufa and rub it on my back. I did the same for him he made sure I got all of the soap out of my hair, I did a check for soap in his hair. We got out of the shower and dried off, I put back on my clothes and I heard my phone go off. I looked at it, it was blown up with texts from Vanessa because she didn’t know about anything that had happened to me. I gave her a call, it rang once and I hear, “Bella, Bella is that you?” So it seems that she does know what had happened to me, “Oh my gosh Vanessa, you have no idea what I have been through.” “What do you mean,” Or she doesn’t know what happened. “Vanessa I’m going to be at your house in 30 minutes, be prepared to see something different, I am okay you don’t have to worry.” There was a long pause and then Vanessa says, “Okay… I’ll see you soon Bella.” She hangs up and I got dressed. I knew Chris heard the whole conversation because he was already dressed and ready to take me to Vanessa’s house.

When I had gotten finished getting ready I grabbed Chris’s hand and we left for Vanessa’s. The whole drive there I was planning out how I would tell her everything. Then we got there, we got out of the car, I walked up to her door Chris close behind and rang the doorbell. I then hear the door unlock and see her face. She went from a happy welcoming host to a concerned best friend the moment she saw me. “Are you ok, what the hell happened?” I grabbed Vanessa and said, “Like I said on the phone, I am okay and I will tell you everything later today.” Vanessa nodded and I gave a kiss goodbye to Chris. I could tell that he didn’t want to leave me again but I also knew that he understood that I needed to see her, I needed to tell her everything. Vanessa shut the door behind me and gave me a huge hug. “Bella I don’t know what the hell happened to you but you need to spill.” I nodded and we sat on the couch and I told her everything and she listened to everything without saying a word. It was great to see her again.

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