When two Seniors in high school meet, Arabella Marie Parker and Christopher Grant Thompson, their worlds change forever.

As we go along each chapter will be put in to each others point of view, I shall have the name of who's point of it is in to help.


4. 4

Christopher Grant Thompson

I waited for her in my car, I called her and texted her, there was no sign of my Bella. I went back into the high school and went to her 8th period class and saw her teacher inside grading papers, “Hello sir,” he looked up at me, “Did Arabella Parker leave class early today?” He replied, “No, she didn’t even come to class today.” My heart stopped, “Uhh...Thank You sir.” I left and ran to her 7th period class, Mrs.Sanchez. I opened her door, “Mrs.Sanchez was Bella in class today?” She looked up at me and sighed, “Yes she was in class today, she went to the bathroom and never came back, not even for her stuff.” She handed me her bag and her purse, “Thank you Mrs.Sanchez see you Monday.” I was confused, where did she go? Why did she leave? Is she okay? I had to find her something wasn’t right.

I went to the principal's office and met with Mr.Milner, “Hello sir can I see the security footage from the beginning of 7th period to the beginning of 8th period?” He looked at me confused, “And why is it that you would need to see the security footage?” I quickly answered, “My girlfriend Arabella Marie Parker is missing and I don’t know where she is, the very least I can start is to check the footage between the classes she was seen in and the one she was not, 7th to 8th.” He looked at me frightened, “Yeah follow me.” He walked out of the room to a room two doors down, he grabbed a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. It was the surveillance room, it had two chairs a desk with about 30 small tv’s on a wall. Mr.Milner shut the door behind me and sat down, “Each monitor is hooked up to it’s own camera, once you find her you can easily keep track of where she is going.” I look over at him, “Thank you, this means a lot to me.” He nods and changes the footage from present to the beginning of 7th period. I sit and watch and wait to see Bella with her dark brown hair and my white sweatshirt.

About 25 minutes go by... then I see her. She is walking out of Mrs.Sanchez’s room, down the stairs, and it looks like she was going to the bathroom but passed it. She ended up in our old make out spot where we knew the cameras couldn’t see us. I looked at the time of the screen and it was the same time she had texted me. I kept watching, I then saw some dude from another hall walk in her direction. He pulls out a rag from his pocket, puts it over Bella's face and a couple seconds later I see her body fall to the floor like a rag doll. I clench my fist, my knuckles solid white. Then the same dude picks her up and leaves the building. I look around and I don’t find a monitor with them on it or where they went. “Mr.Milner I need to backtrack that guy and what class he was in.” Mr.Milner slowly reversed the footage and I saw him walk out of a class. “What class it that,” Mr.Milner pulled out a map of the school and said, “Uhh… its… Mr.Fleming's class.” I looked at him, “Thank you Mr.Milner you were a big help.” I ran out of the room, through the office, and straight to Mr.Fleming's classroom. He was in there sorting some things on his desk, I walked in, “Hello Mr.Fleming,” he looked up at me, “I know it's a weird question but did a student in 7th period go to the bathroom or left the room and didn't come back?” He looked at me considered and said, “Yeah Nathan Horrac left to use the bathroom and didn't come back.” I clenched my fist again and calmly said, “Thank you Mr.Fleming you are a big help,” and I left the room. I ran to my car with Bella's stuff and My stuff, put it in the back seat and drove home.

When I got home I called 911, it rang twice then someone answered, “Hello, you have reached 911 what is your emergency?” I quickly responded, “Yes, Hi I need to report a kidnapping, can you please send a cop and a detective to ---- ------- -- (I had given her my address).” I heard the keys of her keyboard typing something, “Yes sir they are on their way, is that all?” I thought and I didn't need anything else, “You have helped me out a lot already, I don't need anything else.” I hung up.

I went inside and found one of her shirts on the couch. I cried into it knowing that she was hurting. I took all of her stuff and put it into the bedroom. I heard a knock on the door, I wiped my eyes and opened the door. It was the police officer and detective, “Hello sir i’m Detective Phillips and this is Officer Rogers.” I shook both of their hands and let them inside. We all sat at the dining table and talked about Bella. “When was the last time you saw Miss Parker?” I looked up at him and replied, “During passing period before 7th period.” He started to write in his notepad, “I know who took her.” They both looked up at me, “Her ex-boyfriend… Nathan Horrac.” Their face expressions showed me that something was really wrong. “Nathan is an insane drug addict who has been in jail for the past 3 years.” “What did Nathan do?” The detective looked down, there was a short pause of silence then the office spoke, “He tortured and killed three women, in the course of a year.” My heart stopped knowing that she is hurting both physically and mentally. I didn't want to think of her in any kind of pain. A tear fell down my face, I quickly wiped it off. The police officer looked up at me and said, “We are going to find her, I promise you that.” “Thank you… shes my world and I don’t know what I am going to do without her,” I looked up and shook both of their hands and said thank you. I showed them to the door and locked it behind them.

Two months have passed and there has been no sign of Bella. I have been in a real bad depression with a few suicidal thoughts, but I knew if they found Bella she would feel the same pain I am feeling. I went to the police station because they told me that they had found some evidence on Bella’s kidnapping. I am in an office talking with Detective Phillips, “So when his dad died in 2002, Nathan had inherited his business that owned two warehouses and one of them is using 24 hour electricity.” The moment I heard that my gut told me that we needed to go there. “We need to check there, we need to go right now, something tells me that we need to go there. We need to go there with multiple cops.” The detective and I got out of our seats and left the office, the detective had gone on his walkie and called 3 cops and told them the address of the warehouse.

We were only about an 30 minutes away from my house and you couldn’t see anything but land. We made a left turn and there it was a small old warehouse. The detective parked first, I parked my car directly next to his and got out of my car. The police officers surrounded the the other three sides of the warehouse. The stayed behind the detective, the detective started to talk on his walkie, “We all have an entry point,” I heard the officers say yes sir, “We go in on my mark...3..2..1..” The detective kicked to door down we walked in carefully through the warehouse and saw light. We ran towards the light and saw an open room and there she was, I moved past the detective and sprinted to her. She was lying down on the ground, fully naked, handcuffed to a support beam, with cuts, bruises and lash marks all over her body. I dove down to her and held her body, I seemed to scare her then she saw me and cried, so did I. “I... thought I was going to die in here.” I kissed her I kissed her soft beautiful lips, we broke apart and I took off my sweatshirt and did my best to cover her up. “The keys… there over there,” and she pointed her foot towards a table. I got up off of the floor and walked over to the table she was pointing at. I saw the pair of keys she was talking about, then I looked around the table and saw much more. I saw shock collars, chains, knives, razors, and a long black leather whip with fresh blood and dry blood on the end. My eyes filled with tears and I looked over at Bella and realized that she was worse than tortured. I ran back to her got her out of the handcuffs and picked her up wedding style. I held her and felt her ice cold body gradually get warm again. I looked at her beautiful face, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes, “I never thought I was going to see you again.” “I put my full faith into these amazing men and we found you,” we cried together, then we hear Officer Rogers yell, “I found him.” I turned around where Bella could see too to find Nathan in the handcuffs held by Officer Rogers. Bella was shaking and said, “You son of a bi**h, how does it feel to be handcuffed!!” Nathan looked in our direction and laughed, “Don’t be so sure that you are safe Parker, I’m not done with you yet.” Officer Rogers looked at us and said, “We will have him taken care of under the highest government security.” I nodded and took Bella into my car. She didn’t want me to let her go and I didn’t want to let go of her. She sat into my lap curled up into a ball the whole way home.

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