When two Seniors in high school meet, Arabella Marie Parker and Christopher Grant Thompson, their worlds change forever.

As we go along each chapter will be put in to each others point of view, I shall have the name of who's point of it is in to help.


3. 3

Arabella Marie Parker

I woke up to the scent of Chris, he was lying right next to me in bed. I played with his hair thinking that it would wake him up. He started to roll over to my side and he grabbed me and just held me. I loved it, just me and him cuddling in bed. I looked at the time and realised that we had an hour and a half to get ready. I put on one of Chris’s sweatshirts and a pair of leggings and walked to the kitchen to make breakfast. I grabbed two bowls and put cut fruits, Apples, Bananas and blueberries, and some plain vanilla yogurt. I mixed it up and I put chocolate syrup on mine and put honey on Chris’s. I put the two bowls on the dining table with a spoon in each.

I walked back into the bedroom and I woke Chris up with a morning kiss, he soon woke up, I smiled and said, “Good Morning baby.” He smiled back at me and kissed me on the nose and said, “Good morning baby.” I pulled him out of bed and brought him into the kitchen and we ate breakfast together. Chris walked back into the bedroom, I followed and watched him put on some pants and I pulled out a sweatshirt for him to wear. Chris smiled and put on the sweatshirt I had chose for him, “I liked you better without the sweatshirt but then you would be out of dress code.” He looked over at me and picked me and kissed me passionately, he set me down and whispered into my ear and said, “You too baby.” I blushed and we put our Nike’s on and walked out of the door. My head didn’t seem to hurt anymore, Chris made sure that I was okay and that I slept A LOT!

We were on our way to school, “You know we only have two weeks left.” I said to Chris squeezing his hand, “Then we can spend every second together.” He squeezed my hand tight and I kissed his hand. I had thought of going to the nearby college and not getting a dorm. I was also thinking of selling my apartment, and just live with Chris. I have only been to my apartment to get clothes and other essentials. He had asked me what I was going to do after High School I told him that I didn't know... but now I think I do.

We arrived at school early, about 10 minutes early. Chris looked at me and smiled, I crawled over to his seat and sat into his lap facing him. He put both of his hands around my waist and held me safe, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He licked my lips and I let his tongue swirl around my mouth and my tongue swirled around his. We broke apart to breathe and I laid my head on his chest and Chris was playing with my hair. I curled up into a ball and sat in Chris’s lap while he had rubbed my back underneath his sweatshirt. The bell had rung telling us that we had 5 minutes to get to 1st period. I got out of the car and Chris had quickly followed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him, “Get on my back i’ll take you to first period.” I giggled and got on Chris’s back and her carried me to my first period class. I laid my head on his back and played with his hair trying not to mess it up. When we would walk the halls people would take pictures and whisper, “Relationship Goals.” I smiled and I could feel that Chris was smiling. I squeezed his shoulder, he squeezed my thigh. He held me really tight then started walking up the stairs. I hated the stairs seeing what they could do, but then again if I didn’t fall from these stairs Chris would have just been my crush for my four years of high school. I hated thinking of a world without Chris because he was my entire world. Chris had gotten to the top of the stairs and I gave a breathe of relief and Chris did too. I kissed the back of his neck, “You okay?” He quietly laughed and said, “I am absolutly perfect, you’re here.” I licked his ear and he laughed. We arrived at the band hall with two minutes to spare, just enough time for Chris to get to his class. I got off of Chris’s back and he turned around and he cupped his hands on my face and gave me a quick kiss. “I’ll see you in an hour,” Chris had started to walk away and I didn’t like that I waited by the door till I couldn’t see him anymore. I walked into the band hall, set my stuff down, grabbed my french horn and sat in my seat waiting and I kept on waiting for a whole hour for Chris, that’s all I wanted.

When the bell rang for us to go to our next class I bolted out of the door. I don’t know what had gotten into me but something told me that I needed to see Chris. I ran down the stairs carefully and I saw him, he wasn’t joyful as normal and that’s when I knew something happened. I ran to him and gave him a hug around the waist, “I’m here baby, what’s wrong.” I looked up at him his eyes were puffy, he was about to cry. “It’s okay, please tell me what is wrong.” He held me tight and whispered just loud enough for me to hear him, “It’s my brother he died in a car accident, I got the text a couple of minutes ago from my aunt.” I held him tight knowing what that felt like losing both of my parents in an accidental drug overdose. Their memories filled my mind and I started to cry in Chris’s chest. Chris looked down at me, “Why are you crying baby?” I looked up at him tears in my eyes, “I’ll tell you when we get home tonight, okay?” “Okay, sunshine i’ll see you after class, I love you.” “I love you too baby,” and I kissed him and went to class.

The rest of the day was gloomy, and I felt as if there was a grey cloud over my head. The worst thing was it would only go away for short periods of time, when I was with Chris he cleared my skies till he had to leave.

When the bell for dismissal rang I ran all the way to Chris’s car. The doors were locked so I sat on the hood of his car like a little kid, my legs crossed and my hands in my lap. Then I saw him, he looked up at me and laughed and he ran up to me and pulled me off of his car. My legs wrapped around his waist and his hands holding me by my butt, my head on his shoulder, my arms around his neck, he carried me to my seat and kissed me on the forehead, I let go, and carefully shut the door. He walked around the front of his car and got in the driver's seat, threw our stuff in the back row and looked at me, “Are you okay?” He started to rub my thighs, “Are you okay?” I grabbed his hand and kissed it, “Yeah my brother was the rest of my better family and now he’s gone.” I crawled over to his side of the car and hugged him, but it wasn’t a normal hug it was like a passionate hug. He wrapped his arms around me and he let out everything that he was holding back and cried on my shoulder. I hated seeing him so upset.

After about 10 minutes of calm silence and thoughts roaming around our heads about those we have lost I kissed Chris on the nose and got back into my seat. He squeezed my thigh and we started to drive home.

When we got there I immediately started to make dinner, I was so hungry and I could tell that Chris was too. I made chicken parmesan with a side of broccoli and cauliflower. We sat down at the dining table and enjoyed our meal together.

After dinner we sat at the couch and talked, “So why were you crying today?” I looked up at Chris with the memory of my parents and I curled up into a little ball and lied down on his chest and told him about my parents. “I was 14 years old and I knew my parents were into drugs and I didn’t care they didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Then one day I come home to find them dead on the couch from an accidental drug overdose. I don’t know why but the death of your brother had somehow reminded me about my dead parents.” Chris looked down at me surprised, “Oh Bella I didn’t know that your parents had passed away i’m so sorry.” I looked up at him and gave him a kiss on the nose and said, “It’s ok i’m over it.” “You want to cuddle in bed?” Chris looked down at me and picked me up carrying me to the bedroom. That night I fell asleep in his arms and I felt safe and warm. I love Chris so much.

The next morning was the same as the rest only this time Chris woke up first. I woke up to a chocolate fruit bowl breakfast and a outfit picked out for me. Chris’s sweatshirt and a pair of my dark blue jeggings and my black Uggs. We weren’t early this time but we were actually right on time, Chris walked me to my first period class holding my hand the whole way. I kissed him goodbye and I went into class.

Nothing new happened today, I was in seventh period and I got bored and I wanted to go text Chris, “Mrs.Sanchez may I use the restroom?” She looked up at me and nodded. I walked out of the room knowing that there was a corner not far from Mrs.Sanchez’s room that the cameras couldn’t see. I went over there and texted Chris, ‘Hey Baby I got really bored and I wanted to say hi, Love You. I know it was cheesy but I was telling the truth. I started to walk away when a shadow of a person put something on my face, I could smell chemicals then I blacked out.


I woke up fully naked, my hands tied up behind me to a support beam, I was in an empty abandoned warehouse. I didn’t know where I was, I didn’t know why I was here. I heard footsteps from behind me, I quickly turned around and saw him. “WHY THE HELL AM I HERE NATHAN!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “I have brought you here as my toy, since you didn’t want to be with me I decided to take you.” He started to laugh, I started to cry knowing that Chris is still at the high school looking for me, expecting me to come out of the school doors with a smile on my face. I knew I wasn’t going to get out of here. I knew I was going to die in here. I cried, Nathan walked over to me and grabbed my jaw, “It’s ok sweet cheeks you’re not going to die in here, but you’re not getting out either. He threw my face to the ground hard, my inner mouth started to bleed and I spit on the floor blood. “Fuck…..You….Nathan,” he turned around and started to walk away, “Now that’s not how you are going to talk to me, you’re actually not going to talk at all.” I couldn’t see Nathan for a second, then he came back in the light holding something. A whip, “This is what you get for talking.” He hit me with the long leather whip 10 times on my bare back. I couldn’t see my back but I could feel the blood dripping down my back. I cried even more of pain. “Now if you don’t want that to happen again I suggest you say nothing else but no sir and yes sir, got it!?” I looked up at him, “Yes...Sir.” “Good, cause it's going to get a lot worse.” Nathan walked over in the same direction where the whip was.

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