When two Seniors in high school meet, Arabella Marie Parker and Christopher Grant Thompson, their worlds change forever.

As we go along each chapter will be put in to each others point of view, I shall have the name of who's point of it is in to help.


2. 2

Christopher Grant Thompson

The High School star basketball player but he wasn’t a typical jock who would date every girl in the school, break their heart then just leave them to rot. Chris was a kind, handsome guy who was 6’4 and had a crush on Bella ever since Sophomore year of high school. Chris has brown hair, brown eyes and he is wearing his High School sweatshirt with a pair of basketball shorts and black and white Nikes.

I couldn't believe that the girl I had a crush on for three years was coming to my house. I went straight from Norma's to the nearest florist and picked some roses out for Bella. I carefully placed the roses in the passenger's seat and drove to my house which was only down the street. I changed clothes to something a little nicer, a white shirt with a black jacket and black pants, I thought it looked nice. Then I hear the amazing sound I never thought I would love to hear, a soft knock on the door. I answered, it was Bella, I grabbed her bag and placed it inside. I grabbed Bella by the waist and picked her up, she seemed surprised but she also didn't seem to care. Her soft, perfect lips had touched mine and our tongues lightly touched and before I knew it they were swirling my tongue was swirling around her mouth and she let me. We broke apart and her forehead resting on mine I placed her inside, shut the door and locked it, grabbed her bag and placed it in my room. She found her way to the living room and she was lying down on the couch. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped her in it. I bent down to her level and kissed her on the forehead, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of popcorn and threw it in the microwave. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Bella was trying to get up, I walked over to her and picked her up wedding style and carried her to my bedroom, “You stay here and find a movie to watch, i’ll bring the popcorn, okay?” She looked up at me and gave me a soft comforting kiss on the cheek, “Fine, but be quick.” I gave her a quick kiss the lips and went back to the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and poured the popcorn in it. I walked over to the bedroom and I didn't see Bella where I had put her. I put the bowl of popcorn on the bed noticed that the bathroom door was closed and the light was on. I walked over to the bathroom and knocked, “Bella… Bella you in there?” She giggled and quickly responded, “ Yeah, i’m just changing, give me a sec.” I replied smiling, “Okay, i’m going to change in here.” I heard her giggle and with a soft voice she said, “I’ll be out in a sec.” I took off my jacket and shirt and switched from my black pants to my black Nike shorts. I feel two cold hands one rub up my arm and the other hold my hand a squeeze. I turned around slowly and saw Bella and I kissed her forehead and I picked her up put her on the couch we just decided to talk to each other. I was sitting on the couch and her little round butt was sitting in my lap with her body diagonal against mine. She had her arms around me like she would never let go… and I hope she never does. I was stroking her long brown hair when she asked, “What is your middle name?” I looked down at her sighed and said, “Grant.” “Christopher Grant Thompson… sexy,” and she kissed me on the lips. I looked back up at Bella and her beautiful face and said, “Your turn what is your middle name?” I played with her hair and she said, “Uhh I hate… it's… Marie.” I kissed the tip of her nose and said, “Well Arabella Marie Parker, will you be my girlfriend?” She looked up at me and a tear had shed from her eye, “Yes yes yes yes!!!” “Why are you crying,” I held her close to my chest. She looked up at me and replied, “I have been wishing for this moment for a long time.” I kissed her forehead, and she looked up at me and kissed the tip of my nose.

Later that night while we were eating popcorn and watching movies, Bella fell asleep in my lap. I looked over at my clock and it read 1:32, I picked her up and placed her on one side of the bed and I slept on the other.

I couldn’t sleep I looked over at Bella and she was sound asleep I started to play with her hair and she rolled over on my arm. I held her close and kept her cold body warm. Knowing that she was close to me I drifted off to sleep, holding her in my arms never letting go.

The next couple of weeks were absolutely amazing it was like the world revolved around Bella and I. She had memorized my entire schedule and before I knew it I memorized hers. We would meet every second that we could, in the hallways, the bathrooms and everyday we would eat lunch together. Bella is absolutely perfect, I loved her.

One day when I was walking towards the stairs I heard her, I heard Bella calling for me, screaming. I ran towards her voice and saw that some random guy was all over her. I punched the guy and yelled at him, “Leave her alone!” I didn’t realized that he had pushed her backwards and it was like it was in slow motion. I turned around and saw her falling and hitting her head on the last stair and landing on the ground. I dove down to the ground and picked her up, she was crying. “Baby… Baby I know it hurts you’re going to be okay,” I carried her to the nurse's office and carefully placed her on the nurse's bed. “What happened,” the nurse had said with a scared expression on her face. “Some guy pushed her and she hit her head on the bottom stair,” I told the nurse carefully rubbing the back of Bella’s head. I felt her cold hands grab my arm and she said, “Don’t go, Please don’t go.” “You’re going to be okay baby, the nurse is going to take good care of you. I held gave her cold body a long warm hug and kissed her softly, “I love you, I’ll be back with lunch.” She kissed to tip of my nose and said quiet enough to where I could hear her, “I love you too.” I squeezed her hand and walked to third period knowing that I shouldn’t have left. I couldn’t stop thinking about her how I just left her in the nurse’s office, I had to see her I had to find a way to get to her. When I got to class and Mr.Fleming, my history teacher, had said the instructions I started to fake being sick, I coughed and rubbed my nose and I said, “Mr.Fleming, may I please go to the nurse's office I really don’t feel good.” He looked at me and pointed towards the door, “Go ahead, tell the nurse to email me if you aren’t coming back and i’ll email you your homework for tonight due tomorrow.” I exploded with joy, but I wasn’t out of the room yet I had to keep the act up till I got out of the door. I did so and the moment the door had shut I had sprinted to the nurse’s office knowing she was there, knowing that she was waiting on me. I opened the door to the nurse’s office and she was right there lying down on the bed crying with an icepack on the back of her head. I wrapped my arm her waist and she turned around startled only to find me holding her safe in my arms. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me close to her, I gave her a passionate kiss. The nurse soon walked in and I looked up at her quickly, “Ma’am is it okay if I stay with her, please?” She sighed, sat down at her desk and said, “What class are you in?” I smiled and replied, “Mr.Flemings and can you give him some weird excuse why I won’t come back.” She nodded and she left the room. I climbed on the nurse's bed and held Bella like a baby. I carefully held the icepack on her head, I could tell in her eyes that she was about to cry, I rubbed her knee and said, “What’s wrong baby?” She looked up at me tears in her eyes, “The… guy who..” She started crying I held her real close and I wiped the tears from her eyes. “It’s okay you're safe now, I’m here no one can hurt you,” I held her closer to me rubbing her thighs. She took a deep breath and said slowly, “The guy that had pushed me down.” I wiped another tear from her face and questioned, “Yeah?” She looked up at me then hid her face in my shirt and said, “He’s my ex, Nathan.” I was shocked by the fact someone would hurt her especially her ex. “Why did he hurt you,” I looked down at her and saw her face looking up at me with tears pouring out of her eyes, I wiped her face with my sweatshirt and she said, “He was trying to get me to like him again, and I truly didn’t even know that he went to this school.” I squeezed her thighs and whispered in her ear, “You're mine,” and kissed her ear. She licked my cheek and said, “Okay daddy whatever you say.” I kissed her and licked her lip, she opened her mouth and my tongue was swirling around her mouth. I started to pull away when she bit my lower lip and she shook her head. I leaned back down and kissed her again just as passionate. The next thing you know the bell rings, our lips came apart slowly and I started to get off of the nurse’s bed. I could tell that Bella was too but I wouldn’t let her, I picked her up and placed her back on the bed, “You’re going to stay here while I get you lunch and i’ll come back and we’ll eat in here, this is the nurse’s conference period.” She sat there pouting, I kissed her forehead and said, “I’ll be fast trust me.” “I love you Arabella Marie Parker,” I started to walk out of the door and I hear, “I love you Christopher Grant Thompson.” I walked over to the cafeteria, got in line, grabbed two lunches and when I went up to pay the lunch lady was confused, “Now why do you need two lunches?” I replied smiling thinking about Bella, “One for me and one for my girl.” The lunch lady smiled, “Go on ahead I got her lunch covered Mr.Thompson.” I smiled and walked as quickly as possible to the nurse’s office. I walked in and found bella sitting on the nurse’s bed right where I left her. I kissed her forehead and handed her her lunch. “Thank you i’ve been needing this,” Bella looked at her lunch and her stomach growled. I smiled and sat next to her on the nurse’s bed and wrapped my arm around her, “Always for you Bella.” She kissed me on the cheek and we had lunch together.

The rest of the day played out I had to go back to class and Bella had to stay in the nurse’s office. I waited till the dismissal bell and I ran from my upstairs 8th period class to the downstairs nurse’s office to find Bella fast asleep. I carefully picked her up, grabbed her stuff and carried her to my car and took her to my place. When we got there she slowly had started to get up, “Good morning sunshine.” I looked over at her and she was holding her head, “I have a major headache.” I parked my car in my driveway and got out of my car, walked around and picked up Bella, “Don’t worry I got you.” Bella hid her face in my chest to shield her eyes from the sunlight. When we got inside I had taken Bella to my bedroom and set her on the bed. She curled up into a little ball and fell asleep. I went back into the car and grabbed our stuff from the car.

I was sitting at my dining table drinking coffee doing the homework Mr.Fleming had given to me. I hear a moan and I turn around to see Bella trying to walk, I set down my coffee and grabbed Bella and helped her to the couch, I kissed her on the forehead and swaddled her with a blanket. “Coffee?” I asked moving all my stuff to the coffee table. Bella looked at me and smiled, “Yeah, I could go for some coffee.” I smiled and walked over to the coffee machine and poured a glass for her. I brought it over to her and I could see how it warmed her up when she took a sip of it. “Does your head still hurt,” I asked rubbing her lower leg. She set her coffee down on the table and cupped her hands on my face and kissed my nose, “My head is ok thanks to you.” We spent our weekend lying in bed or on the couch watching tv and eating food.

I couldn’t believe that I have the most amazing girlfriend any guy could ask for sitting here in my arms. I love her so much.

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