When two Seniors in high school meet, Arabella Marie Parker and Christopher Grant Thompson, their worlds change forever.

As we go along each chapter will be put in to each others point of view, I shall have the name of who's point of it is in to help.


1. 1


A tall Senior in high school with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Wearing a Star Wars tee-shirt, grey light coat, dark blue jeggings, and black Ugg boots that had suffered from some wear and tear.

I was quickly walking to my second period knowingly that I had only two minutes to get from the second floor band hall to the first floor kitchen for culinary. I got to the stairs about half way down and I tripped and fell the rest of the way down. I already caused a seen and crying from pain only made it worse. I did my best to hold back the tears and I did pretty well but one escaped my grasp and fell. I was so embarrassed, I felt someone pick me up and voice, and amazing voice say," are you ok," I didn't recognize the voice but the face was very recognizable, it was Chris Thompson, the schools head football player. "I'm fine," I quickly replied, realizing I was making it awkward by staring at his beautiful blue eyes. " Are you sure," as he wiped the tear from my face,"I am now." "Good, you better head to class, I'll see you around," he said letting me go, "definitely" I quickly replied. I limped rest of the way to class thinking about Chris. He had been my ultimate crush ever since Freshman year, I knew he didn't know I existed and over time I had to except that. I got in to class the second the bell rang and took a breath of relief, grabbed my apron and supplies and walked over to my station ready for a recipe I will never use in my entire life.

After class I didn't have to run to class but I wish I did... I wish I had to run to class so I could run right into Chris. I got to third period, History the most boring class the world has ever created. Every second I was thinking of him, how I could try to see him again. Finally the bell rang and I was so happy because I got to finally have lunch. I walked into the cafeteria and there he was... Chris and his beautiful brown hair, I walked over to him and said," Thank you," he looked over at me confused," for what?" I replied and blushed," for helping me get up," he smiled and said," no problem, by the way are you ok," realizing that I had just fallen down a flight of stairs," yeah I'm all good." Chris smiled and said," would you like to sit with me during lunch," shocked I said," sure where do you sit," he replied," right over there," and pointed to a small empty table. " I'll meet you there, let me get my lunch," I blushed and he nodded and headed over to the table. I quickly got my lunch and joined him at the table. We talked the whole time, we barely touched our food. The bell rang, I wished the bell had never rang I wanted lunch to last forever. We threw away the rest of our lunch and slowly walked towards the cafeteria doors. Chris's fifth period was right in front of the cafeteria while mine was upstairs, right before he walked into class he said "Hey Arabella," I quickly replied, "yes," Chris said with a smile on his face, " same place tomorrow?" I replied blushing, "I thought you'd never ask," he smiled and walked into class, my heart was racing.

The rest of the day I was think about Chris, and I couldn't stop. I walked out of the building, towards my car and the moment I got into my car I saw him, walking towards me but not in my specific direction. I got out of my car and asked, " are you stalking me?" With a smile on his face Chris replied, "No, are you staking me?" I giggled and said, "No, but if we keep meeting each other I might as well give you my number," he smile and nodded. I smiled and walked over to him and we exchanged numbers. "I'll talk to you later," Chris said opening my car door for me. "You promise," I said with a smile on my face as slowly getting in my car." Chris replied closing my car door, "I promise," I giggled.

When I got home I didn't have much homework and I was just bored. I was thinking all about Chris and stared at his contact thinking about texting him.

What if I'm too clingy?

What if he's busy?

What if he doesn't like me?

I had built up the courage to text him,'hey. He soon replied,' hey. I was so happy, I thought he would never reply. 'Wyd? (what are you doing?) I said quickly 'Nothing, and I think you are doing nothing as well by the fact that you are texting me, so would you like to meet me at Norma's near my place? I quickly replied, ‘How does 6:30 sound’ Chris replied ‘That's perfect see you there! I was super excited I couldn't wait to see him again. All the joy in my face drained when I look at the time and saw 4:26, I had to find a way to waist about an hour of time. I thought about what to do and I called my best friend Vanessa, the phone rang two times then I here, “Hey, what you doing,” I replied, “Nothing just I wanted to tell you about my amazing day.” She knew pretty much everything about me except for my crush, “Okay, spill,” and she let me tell her about my entire day without saying a word which is one of the many things I liked about her is that she will sit and listen to you for hours without saying a word and remember almost everything that you said. When I was finally done she said, “So do you think he likes you,” I replied, “I hope he does because he asked me out to go to Norma's and I said yes so yeah,” remembering that I called her to kill time I look at my clock and it reads 6:15, “speaking of I have to go, talk to you later Vanessa,” and I hung up, grabbed my phone, keys and darted out the door.

When I got there he was sitting in a two person booth in the back of the diner, I walked up to him and said, “Hello Chris, it's nice to see you again,” he looked up at me and smiled, “It's great to see you too,” he replied, I sat down in seat in front of him Chris looked at me and said, “How are you?,” I didn't want to lie to him and I looked down and thought about my day and replied, “I'm better now,” Chris looked up at me confused, “Why weren't you ok before,” I looked up at him and replied, “Because I wasn't with you,” I said looking back up at Chris. He grabbed my hand, “I'm here now, it's going to be ok.” I smiled and squeezed his hand. The waitress had came over to our table and said, “What can I get you two love birds?” We let go of hands and we ordered our dinner, Chris handed our waitress our menus and smiled, looked up at me and said, “Lovebirds, I like the sound of that.” He looked at me and I looked at him and said, “I do too,” and I blushed. There was a calm silence then Chris had said, “So, did you know me before today?” I replied smiling, “Yeah, I came to like all your basketball games just to see you play, and I might have had a major Chris on you since like Freshman year.” Chris was smiling and said in a kind voice, “I knew you were in the stands, I looked up at you quite often, I as well had a crush on you, you're so beautiful and so kind and smart.” I giggled and said, “Thank you.” “Why laugh,” Chris quickly replied staring at me. “Because I didn't think you noticed me, or even knew I existed,” I replied looking up to see his beautiful brown eyes. “Oh, Bella of course I knew who you were,” he again grabbed my hand and I squeezed his hand and blushed. We let go of hands when we saw our food coming. Our waitress placed our food on the table and said, “now be careful it's really hot.” I wasn't listening and just quickly replied, “Thank you,” and dug into my food. Of course like she said it was burning hot, “Hot! Hot!” I grabbed my water and drank the whole the rest of it which wasn't a lot and yet not enough. “Can...can I drink some of your water,” I said to Chris, he laughed, handed me his water and said, “You know she said it was going to be hot?” I drank half of his water and placed it back where Chris originally had it. “I wasn't really listening to her I was just really hungry and listened to my stomach and ate my food,” I said placing my food down letting my food cool down. Chris laughed and had a sip of his water exactly where I had drank from. I giggled and said, “You know you can have better if you just kissed me.” Chris placed his water down, smiled and said, “I thought that you would never ask.” He leaned over the table and I leaned in and kissed him, the feeling of his soft lips was amazing and it just felt right. We pulled away, I was extremely happy and Chris was just staring at me with a smile on his face.

After dinner we had decided to start heading out. Chris got out of seat and walked in front of mine, lent me a hand and helped me out of my seat. We walked out holding hands and we got to our cars and he placed his hands around my waist and I placed mine on his soft face and we kissed. This kiss was different from the first, this one was better, I couldn't explain it but I loved it. We soon had to stop to breathe, his forehead on resting on mine, even though I was 5’7 he was 6’4 making me look short. I loved every minute we spent together. Chris broke the wonderful silence saying, “Want to stay over at my place?” I looked at his beautiful eyes and he looks into mine and I reply, “Yeah, just text me your address, I have to grab some clothes for tomorrow.” He nodded and opened my car door for me, he guided me into my car, he cautiously shut the door. Before I drove towards my apartment, I rolled the windows down and said, “I love you Chris Thompson.” He walked over to my window kissed me sweetly and replied, “I love you too Arabella Parker.” I blushed shut my window and drove to my apartment. I picked out clothes for tonight and tomorrow, grabbed my brush, toothbrush, toothpaste and my deodorant. Put it all in my spare bag, grabbed my school stuff and walked out the door and locked it.

I put Chris's address into my GPS on my phone knowing that this wouldn't be the last time I would do so. And drove off out of my apartment complex towards Chris's house.

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