One Turns To Two

At least once in every girl's life she has been or will have to go on a family holiday. Cora Toby has been dragged on one by her parents, camping for a month. Cora expected the holiday to be uneventful and she almost proved herself right until Everly Gracen came into her life. Every day that Cora spent with Everly was an eventful day, her days only became more eventful when a boy appeared.

What happens when Cora has to go back to school and resume her ordinary life. Will her life go down hill from there or up hill?


1. Meet The Characters

Miranda Kerr as Cora Toby

Luke Hemmings as Himself

Ashton Irwin as Himself

Calum Hood as Himself

Michael Clifford as Himself

Olivia Holt as Everly Gracen

Luke Mitchell as Asher Toby

Colton Haynes as Xavier Gracen


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