One Turns To Two

At least once in every girl's life she has been or will have to go on a family holiday. Cora Toby has been dragged on one by her parents, camping for a month. Cora expected the holiday to be uneventful and she almost proved herself right until Everly Gracen came into her life. Every day that Cora spent with Everly was an eventful day, her days only became more eventful when a boy appeared.

What happens when Cora has to go back to school and resume her ordinary life. Will her life go down hill from there or up hill?


2. Chapter 1

The door opens revealing the pesky older brother I have become accustomed to ever since the day that my mum gave birth to me. Asher.

When in life does a teenage girl ever obtain her privacy?
My answer would be never.


"Mum wants to talk to you" 1 second passes, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4. "She wants to talk to you now"

"Mhmmmm, Asher go away" I started looking towards the heavens thanking god that Asher had left, there was no sign of his movement so I took it that he left. Until.


"FINE" looking up towards the pest in my room with cloudy eyes I can instantaneously identify a smirk plastered across his face. He knows he has completed his job of annoyingly waking me up from my beauty sleep. Grabbing hold of the top edge of my doona cover I aggressively chuck it towards the end of my bed, I then proceed to slide my sleeping legs out of the warmth of my bed and onto the cold of the floor, groaning internally from the pain of waking up.

Asher is stood by the frame of my bedroom door with his smirk touching the floor giving off his accomplished vibe of being the annoying brother he is. I trudge pass him making my way towards my parents' bedroom at the front of the house finding my mum sitting on the left side of the queen bed struggling to read through her Facebook feed. There is no sight of my dad because of his early working arrangements, so I walk around to the side of the bed that he usually sleeps in and slide under the warmth of the bed covers next to my mum looking over at her expectantly.

"Morning, what did you want to talk about?" my voice is still groggy from waking up a mere 3 minutes ago.

"I want to talk about your exchange" my mum speaks as she shuts off her phone and leans over to her bed side table placing her phone face up.

"Couldn't we have talked about that later mamma Effie?"

"No Cora, you're leaving at the end of this week and I would like to confirm everything that needs to be confirmed"

"Isn't everything already confirmed?" there is a pause for close to a minute my mum obviously contemplating whether everything is confirmed.

"Now that I think about it hun, everything is" she gives me a smile and I nudge her knowingly that she had most likely only woken up close to twenty minutes ago.

"I love you mamma"

"I love you too and I hope you remember that while you're overseas for the year"

"I will"

"Right, let's eat, do you want to go out?"

"Sounds good"

"Call your brother will you" I give my mum a nod and head down the hallway towards my brother's room.

"Asher get up we're going out for breakfast" to know that Asher heard me I receive a response of 'piss off'.

Heading into my room located next to the bathroom that is in between my brother and I's bedroom I swing open my wardrobe doors and begin to rummage through clothes picking out an outfit.

A pair of black shorts over some opaque black tights, tucking on a checked red crop top, pairing the basics of the outfit with my black converse high tops, some rings and my trusty black cat face shoulder bag.

Being the usual slow human being I usually am I was last in the car. I could see that both my mum and brother had been waiting for a good period of time due to the use of their phones. As my mum heard the click of my car door she started the engine, she waited for the click of the car door again signalling that I was ready and seated in the car.

We drove along the road situated next to the beach and parked at our usual place we liked to eat at for a weekend breakfast. Cracker's Joint. My mouth was already foaming just from the thought of the delicious food that they served. Asher and I immediately opened our car doors and power walked towards the café leaving my mum behind to lock up the car and walk to the café by herself.

"Typical teenagers and their food" mum mumbled under her breath, just loud enough so we could acknowledge what she had said. A few seconds later a cute guy came up to us asking whether we wanted to sit outside or inside, we decided to sit outside due to the warm weather we were bathing ourselves in.

"Can I get you guys any drinks to start with?" his eyes flitted over to my mum and she placed her drink order saying she would have a latte, his eyes made their way to my annoying brother next urging him to place his order in which he asked for an iced coffee.

"What can I get you?" he not so secretly scanned my body from head to toe with his vibrant green eyes, until they made their way back up towards my face where they settled to deeply stare into my eyes.

"I'll have a hot chocolate thanks" he gave us a quick nod before making his way off to the counter to place our orders.

"Mum do you by any chance have a piece of paper and pen?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because I need to take care of something" mum handed me a piece of paper and pen that she somehow found in the depths of her bag and passed them over to me. I quickly began to write what I wanted before folding the paper and keeping my hand over it so my brother wouldn't have the feeling he needed to snatch it from me.

The cute waiter returned emerged from inside minutes after I had finished writing my little note, I waited for him to place all the drinks down before I gained my courage and placed my hand over his. He seemed startled but I continued to peel his fingers so that his hand opened, I then placed the note in his hand, patting his hand quickly, glancing up at his confused face I turned back to my brother before giving him a shrug of my shoulders.

I told the waiter in the nicest possible way, or at least the nicest possible way that I could express that I didn't want any relationship and that I didn't appreciate the flirting that he had insinuated towards me, saying that it made me feel uncomfortable. All I can say is that he won't be bothering our family any other time we decide to have a meal at our favourite little café.


We soon returned home and I continued my struggle of packing my bag before I leave to go on exchange for a year. It had come so quickly I still remember finding out about becoming an exchange student, soon enough I'll be on a plane flying back home, my experience of being an exchange student over.

I don't want to think about that right now so to steer my thoughts in the right direction of packing I rummaged around in my shoulder bag pulling out my phone and putting on, as I like to call it, inspirational music to help me with the packing that I dread oh so much.

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