8 Singers, 2 Bands


2. Chapter 2: Late Night Conversation

I stared at the piece of paper. Should I text him? I mean he is cute and sweet I guess... But he is probably asleep. After all it's 11pm. But what if he is up? It's better to text him if he was asleep but I would probably wake him up. But if he was up I wouldn't have to worry about him not replying. Ugh decisions! I picked up my phone. Might as well message him.

Me- Hey Luke it's Destiny

There was an immediate response.

Luke- Shouldn't you be asleep? It's 11pm after all

Me- I should be asking you the same. But I can't sleep for some reason

Luke- Oh same

Me- Why did you give me your number?

Luke- Cuz we will be touring together duh 🙂

Me- Oh yeah....

Luke- Haha yeah. Well Beautiful I have to go to bed. My mum will kill me if I'm not sleeping right now

Me- Um ok...

Luke- Yeah. We should have another 'late night conversation' soon

Me- Uh yeah we should

Luke- Night Babe 😘

Me- Night Luke

I shut off my phone and turned off my room light. Luke is definitely a flirt. He called me 'Beautiful' and 'Babe'. But then again he is Australian and his mom raised him to be a gentleman most likely... Ugh! Stop thinking and go to bed! I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. I fell asleep but was still thinking about mine and Luke's texts.

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