8 Singers, 2 Bands


1. Chapter 1: Meeting

"Ah!" my band mate, Emmy, squealed. "DESTINY! We are going on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer! We are their opening act!" she jumped up and down, her dark brown waved hair bouncing. "I got the news this morning." I laughed. "I am going to actually be meeting Calum Hood! OMG!" Emmy sighed happily.

" Mhm! I get to meet Ashton Irwin!" my other band mate, Kyra, joined in. "I so can't wait to meet Michael Clifford!" Julianne, the last band mate, nodded. "Hmmm... And Destiny gets to see her biggest crush ever..." Kyra teased. "Luke Hemmings!" all 3 of them sang. I knew I was blushing. But would you blame me? Luke Hemmings is SO attractive. "Guys, shut up!" I exclaimed.

So you are probably wondering who we are. Well me, Kyra, Emmy, and Julianne make up the band 4 Rhythms. I am the lead singer and I can play the guitar, piano, and a little bit of the drums. Kyra is the next big singer in our group. Emmy is next after Kyra. Julianne doesn't sing as much but does some background vocals. We all can play the guitar. Kyra can play drums while Emmy can play the bass. Julianne can play the piano.

"We are supposed meet them tomorrow! I need to look perfect!" Emmy ran to her room. We shared a house- It was easier that way. Me and the girls can practice without having to go to 3 different places.

TIME SKIP: Next Morning

After eating breakfast we all got dressed. In my room I changed into black skinny jeans with holes in the knees, a blink 182 tank top, my white high top Converse, and tied a red flannel around my waist. I quickly pulled my blonde hair into a messy French braid. I grabbed my iPhone before heading downstairs. The other 3 were already there waiting. "Let's head on out!" Kyra exclaimed.

We were supposed to meet 5 Seconds of Summer at a Starbucks. Julianne drove. I called shot gun. Within 10 minutes we were at Starbucks. "Well we are here." Kyra smiled. Once inside, a boy who happened to be Ashton Irwin practically hopped over. "You must be 4 Rhythms!" Ashton grinned. "Haha that's us!" Emmy nodded. "I'm Ashton obviously." he replied. "C'mon and meet the others." he added. We headed over to a table with 3 boys sitting at it. "Wow! You guys are a lot prettier in person!" Calum's jaw dropped. "Aw thanks." Kyra laughed. "I'm Michael!" Mikey smiled politely.

"And that's Luke." Michael pointed to my very crush. Luke bit his bottom lip while eyeing us. "I'm Julianne. That's Kyra, Emmy, and Destiny." Julianne spoke up. "Oh yeah! I spoke to you on the phone the other day." Calum told me. I nodded. "Well sit down. We will be getting to know each other after all." Ashton chuckled. Thanks to the girls I was stuck sitting between Ashton and Luke. Luke gave me a small smile. I gave a nervous smile back.

"I'm glad you guys could join us on tour. I was really hoping to get a girl band on tour with us." Calum said. "We are so psyched." Emmy nodded. All 8 of us got in a long conversation. I was the most quiet which was rare. "You ok?" Ashton whispered to me. "Yeah totally." I nodded.

We talked for about 2 hours before we had to go. "Well it was nice meeting you girls. I can't wait for the tour to start now!" Michael grinned. "You too." Kyra replied. We said our goodbyes. Just as I was about to turn around to head to Julianne's car, a piece of paper was stuck in my hand. I unfolded it. It said:

Call me xxx-xxx-xxxx ~Luke

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