My jackass boyfriend

My old boyfriend wants me back and is begging for my forgiveness but that's not gunna happen,maybe,I don't know


3. lll

Flashback to the good times

It was a beautiful day in September

I was at my desk and their was a guy

Making goo goo eyes at me all day

It was weird.

The weird part was oh yeah I forgot to say I make a lot of provocative poses poses like one Time I was bending Down I shook my butt and he was look at my butt all day

Then I was standing against my locker with my back out I had my hands up

Then he came up behind me and touched my butt he was acting so dirty

Eek why'd you do that


I turned around with my back to the lockers

He put his hands next to my head

He whispered "sexy" to me

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