The new life of the problem couple


'The scent of urine first struck him as his eyes fluttered open his arms round his girlfriend he smiles grabbing the front of her diaper feeling it before confirming she was dry he then looked confused of where the smell of urine came from'

This is a simple book about a boy who looks after his ABDL (BY FORCE) girlfriend through her worst till Karma hit him back


1. The unaware

"I'm getting your CLothes out silly then your going to sit down and let me dress you okay?" Takashi looked dumbfounded giving the 'Like hell you are!' Stare And his father shot a glare that made his son sit down on his bed still and straight as his father (Ichihara) pulled out a bright blue vest top and a pair of short green shorts. The father pulled the boxers of this son down as Takashi tries to hide his privates failing as his Father moved his hands always having an excuse to do it sillily but once past the boxer stage the son relaxed a little and they both went down stairs to a beautiful and big breakfast.


After a few hours of talking on the phone with lilac,takashis girlfriend they decided to go out for a meal then go round hers as it was only lunch they decided it wouldn't be a big meal but a meal deal from Tesco's he didn't much mind either as he just wanted to be back in her arms her sweet soft smooth arms soothed him for whatever reason they did , they did it good, It only took him a second to slip his shoes on and he left to where they decided to meet up as they lived on the opposite sides of the town they lived in called Vale they always met up in the middle and happily. As the brunette shirt girl came over she hugs Takashi as if she's not seen him for months or even years even though they saw each other two days before.


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