Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)

It all started with the wrong number.



omg! yessss you didn't see wrong, I'm updating again, with a lot of chapters....I'm sorry, the exams came up and then graduation and I didn't have time! Well now here i am! :) enjoy!!!

Harry's POV(Ha)
I whisper into Katie's ear"How savage was Brooklyn out there?" Katie laughs and whispers back"Eh...5 outta 10? She wasn't savage, she was speaking the truth." I smile at Katie and go to find Raven, who is standing with a cross expression,staring at the ground. I touch her and she flinches.I frown slightly and she just snaps at me" What do you want Harry? Go talk to Katie. GTFO. stat." The others don't notice this and eventually, notice that Raven and Me are both just staring at the ground. Brooklyn shouts over to us"OI!C'MERE! GET IN THE CAR! WE CALLED BIEBS! WE ARE MEETING AT SOME RESTAURANT HE CHOSE!" We both nod and get in the car.
Brooklyn pulls me aside and asks"What happened between you and Raven?" I shrugged and said" I don't know. I was talking to Katie and then turned around to see her cross and then I went over and uh she shouted at me." I really don't know what happened. Brooklyn pauses for a while and smirks. She whispers to Katie and Katie smirks as well. I feel like a third wheeler. Katie comes over and talks to me. I almost don't notice Raven didn't even glance at me. She was too busy talking to Justin Bieber. Katie follows my gaze and prances over to Brooklyn and whispers excitedly. Brooklyn smiles and rubs her hands evily. I know that smile. Last time she smiled like that,she "accidently" tripped and pulled down my pants. in front of her whole crew. That's her"up to something" smile. Brooklyn whispers something to Justin and they both nod and Justin claps his hands twice to get everyone's attention . "Guys, do you want to play spin the bottle(aka snog  the bottle)?" Everybody cheers and sits back down in the lounge area. Brooklyn says" Before starting, I would like to say that me and Louis will not be playing as that would be...weird. we will spin the bottle for you."Louis nods his head and spins the bottle. The bottle lands between Raven and Justin. Justin shrugs and kisses Raven on the lips. Raven blushes and I get annoyed. Why though?I brush away the feeling and wolf whistle with the others. 
Raven's POV
I put my fingers on my tingling lips that the world famous celebrity just kissed. I blush a deep shade of red and stare at the ground. I hear the other people wolf whistle and I blush even deeper. Brooklyn stands up abruptly and yells" YOU TWO, GET A ROOM" Justin shrugs and says" We are in a room, you all just happen to be in it"

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