Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)

It all started with the wrong number.


9. Chapter 8

I confront Torin. "Torin....?" I started. Torin's head snapped and the guy he was making out with snapped to me too. "Adam…?" I questioned once again. Torin shook his head frantically, and said" N-no it isn't what it looks like, I SWEAR." I see at the corner of eye Brooklyn,Anne,Jade and  Katie step out of the limo. Brooklyn stalks over to us and flashes a badge that reads "Savage queen 101" and says" Queen in the room, is this Torin?" Torin stares at her in disbelief, and says" Brooke? Why are you hanging out with my girlfriend?" Katie smiles dangerously behind Brooklyn and says" First things first, Would you care to introduce me to this guy you're making out with?" Anne pipes in" Guess the closet wasn't big enough so you had to come out huh?" Torin scoffs at them and says"Why are you guys even trying to be savage? It doesn't work. You guys are trying too hard." Brooklyn snarls and says" What's too hard? This so called Adam's dick? Oh honey...you're so whipped." I almost laugh at this. Torin narrows his eyes and says" You need to work on your listening." Brooklyn replies sassily"Says the person who couldn't hear a car pulling up with his ex girlfriend in it. Huh. Interesting." Torin rolls his eyes and says" So what? I got an ex so? With this head, I'm sure to get any lady." Brooklyn smiles too sweetly and says" Dicks attract Ladies. I know, dickhead." Torin gasps and says" I don't even know why I'm a fan. And I'm sure I'll get any girl. Let me show you." Jade speaks up" You're a fan? Yeah....A cheap, old, object.yeah...." Torin ignores her and goes up to a girl and says"You know what's beautiful? Read the first word." The girl screams" you are so hot! Ohmygosh!" Torin smirks and turns to us. Brooklyn raises her eyebrows. The girl runs up to Brooklyn, Katie,Jade and Anne. "OHMYGOD! You guys are so pretty and hot! I love your songs! Ohmygod! Can you sign my phone cover? Can I take a selfie? Please?" Torin smirk drops and even Adam laughs. The girl is still rambling on about Brouin,Zanne and such.When she finally goes away,A car swervs behind me. Out steps Zayn,Harry and Louis (YesZayn And Anne are dating.) Anna runs into Zayn's arms while Brooklyn runs into Louis's. Harry awkwardly stands there while pouting. Katie and Jade laugh and hug him. Now it's my turn to feel like the outsider. Harry smiles at Katie and whispers something in her ear that makes her laugh. A pain shoots up inside of me. Whats that feeling?

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