Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)

It all started with the wrong number.


8. Chapter 7

HE WHAT?" Brooklyn screams over the phone. I say,hiccuping " H-He proposed..." Brooklyn sighs and says" Raven hun, where do you live?" I give her my address and she says she will be over in an hour or so. I look at the mirror and sigh. I look like a mess.My blond hair all over my face,puffy eyes, mascara running down...I look like someone who got broken up with,instead of proposed to. I gulp as I realize my Idol will be coming over in 40 minutes. I was reaching for my makeup when a text popped up from Brooklyn.
Brooklyn: DON'T put on makeup. I'm going to give you the works and whatnot.
I sigh and sit there, waiting for her to arrive.
Ding Ding
My doorbell rings. Anne and Jade stood there, smiling at me. I stare at the 2/4 members of Nighshade standing at my door. I slowly ask" Where...Where is Brooke?" Anne says"She is in the car." at the same time Jade says" Oh you poor darling, come here."  Anne and Jade both hug me and tug my hand to indicate to follow them to the....limo.I follow them,feeling like a lost puppy. When I sit down in the soft plush leather seats,Brooke looks up and says"Welcome to the  shade squad."Now that I look at her, her hair isnt silver anymore. I ask" Brooke, why is your hair not silver anymore?" Summer chirps in" She did that for the Music Video. She didn't like the silver hair so she changed it back to her honey blond hair with pink streaks. I think it looks nice." Brooklyn smirks and says"of course you do, you have the same hairstyle but with purple streaks." I laugh at their banter. Anne says"Ooh look at that cute couple." I turn my head and...

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