Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)

It all started with the wrong number.


7. Chapter 6



Harry: Wait...Raven where did that come from?

Raven: So I like this guy...but I'm dating Torin. Torin is sweet but I think I fell out of love.

Harry:OH....ummmm why are you asking me?

Raven:Because Brooklyn isn't online.

Harry: Do you want to FACETIME?

Raven: Sure :)


**3rd Person Pov**

Raven accepts the call. Harry's face pops up. "Arabella, Sweetie, go to sleep and stop bugging me" Brooklyn's voice can be heard. Raven frowns and says" You're staying at Brooke's ?" Harry looks confused, "Who is Brooke?" Raven shakes her head and says" Sorry Brooklyn. Brooke is her stage name. " Harry sighs and nods" Louis is out drinking... Brooklyn is pissed off so just thought I would come over and take care of her while my best mate is...doing whatever he is doing...But anyway, I'll tell her to come since you have a boy problemo." Raven says" No, I don't want to distu----" Harry interrupts her" You stay put. " Harry goes to Brooklyn's room and knocks on the door."GO AWAY HAROLD I'M FINE." Harry explains Raven's problem and Brooklyn sighs but agrees to help. They walk back to the guest room with Arabella. Raven sees Arabella and says" Arabella, hun, were you giving mummy trouble?" Arabella nods and giggles.Brooklyn sighs an smiles a bit. Arabella says" Calm your tits." Brooklyn looks at her shocked while Raven is laughing. Brooklyn screams" SHE SAID HER FIRST WORD! OMG!" Arabella looks at Brooklyn and says" Calm your tits mama" Brooklyn starts to crack up. After they sober up, Brooklyn says" Raven, I may not be the best person to ask,Louis and me had a fight." Raven smiles and says" But you two will get over it,I'm sure.#Brouin is the cutest couple!EVAH!" Brooklyn smiles and says" Welll then on with your boyo problemo. Spill." Raven's smile disappears. She rants"Me and Torin have been dating for like, 3 years.He has always been sweet, and we had our fights,of course, we were like...the golden couple in college. His mom knows me,my mom adores him, we are practically married. He has been really sweet and comforting, but I feel like I have been falling out of love. It's like I want to dump him, but I'm scared for his reaction. I fell in love with a person named Dylan, and I don't know what to do, I feel like I'm cheating-----I've a problem." Arabella says" WHO'RE GONNA CALL? GHOSTBUSTERSS!" Brooklyn shakes her head and says" Louis has been watching that show too much with Arabella...I think you should Dump Torin before thing a  get too serious, like him proposing to you." Raven shakes her head and says"He's never ever going to propose."


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