Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)

It all started with the wrong number.


5. Chapter 4-Torin

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not updating. I'm very sorry. Secondly, OMG THANKS FOR ALL THE LIKES AND THE SUPPORT :)

Harry's POV(I know you are waiting for it :) )
"Raven?" I asked. What was she doing in Brooklyn's Computer? She smiled and said" Yes?" Louis looked between the two of us and grinned and said"Well then I'll leave you two to it." Raven says"  Great going Harold." I roll my eyes playfully and say" Well it was an ice breaker." Raven shakes her head and facepalms herself" You are..Just...."I hear voices behind her and she says"TORIN! Ohmygod what are you doing here? I thought you said you would come back tomorrow!" A tanned and lean guy appears on the screen. Raven jumps up and down and kisses Torin fully on the lips. I cough slightly, uncomfortable by their exchange. When Raven stood up to well umm...To PDA, I saw all her tattoos and boy she has a lot. 1 on small one on her left ankle, 1 small one on her ear, 1 big one on her left leg, covering half of her leg. Another big one on her right leg, 1 small one on her right ankle, one on her left arm,two on her right arm. Man this girl was like a doodle board. She pokes out her tongue at me and I see she has a tongue piercing. Torin sees me and grins" You are Harry Styles! Big Fan of Sign Of The Times!" I smile and wave" Hey, just talking to your girlfriend." Torin smiles and says" Mind if I join? I'm possessive--not of Raven,  But of you because you are mine." All 3 of us burst into laughter at this statement.
*1 and a half hour later*
Brooklyn walks in with her newly styled silver hair. Louis follows her, looking a lost puppy. When Torin saw her, he smiled and said" I'm a big fan of Nightshade!" Brooklyn freezes and turns to us, " Hello..." Louis groaned" Why is no one a fan of One Direction nowadays? Only nightshade nightshade and more nightshade!" He pouts and Brooklyn sings"Cameras flashing in my face, leaving me in a daze,It's all a praise,gotta get out of this phrase" quoting one of her songs. Louis pouts harder and I wrap my arms around him and say" Don't be sad Boobear, Haz is here even if Dixie hurt you!" Brooklyn rolls her eyes playfully to Raven and Torin" I've gotta go, see you guys later!" All 3 of us wave and Brooklyn cuts the line.
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