Wrong Number(h.s. Fanfiction)

It all started with the wrong number.


3. Chapter 3-Skyping Brooklyn And Louis

Raven's POV
I smile and flip back on the bed, feeling very lucky. My phone vibrates with a message from Broolyn, asking if I want to skype. I fangirl for 5 minutes straight and say yes. After a few seconds,I get a Skype request from:louinbeatslarry I stiffle a laugh and press accept. Brooklyn and Louis are sitting on their bed(I assume) smiling at the camera. My finger slides to the printscreen button on my laptop. Brooklyn waves and says cheerfully"Hi raven!Sorry about Lou being here. He insisted."as she rolls her eyes playfully. Louis hugs her and mumbles"What if Raven was a lesbian and hit on you?" I laugh despite my nervousness and my shaking. I see Brooklyn shaking her head and laughing while she rolls her eyes"I can't believe I'm married to this."I aww at their cuteness. Brooklyn suddenly frowns and says"Raven is something wrong? You're shaking!" I spoke without thinking"No there isn't something wrong but I'm skyping BROOKLYN AS IN THE BROOKLYN THAT MADE HER OWN CLOTHES LINE AND IS IN A BAND." I cover my mouth with my hand as soon as I said it. Brooklyn and Louis laughed together so loudly I thought my eardrums were going to break. In a good way. After wiping the few tears that they have shed, Louis asks "What about me?AS IN THE LOUIS WHO HAS A SONG CALLED JUST HOLD ON AND IN A BAND CALLED ONE DIRECTION?" I just flip my hair and say"Don't care. Nightshade is so much better." When Louis's face falls, I quickly say I'm joking and Louis replied to Brooklyn with a "I told you so." Brooklyn sassily replies"Sugarcoating is a thing, hun." Louis starts to mock cry and says to me" Can't believe I'm married to her. She bullies me everyday. And she stole my throne of the sass masta. "And he begins to bawl loudly. I giggle as Brooklyn just says"Damn right I did" Talking to them is just so easy.
****4 HOURS LATER*****
Brooklyn's phone rings and she says"Sorry to end our Skype here but I have an appointment to dye my hair. Maybe I'll call you later?" Louis says"Babbbeeeee it's fine, I'll just keep talking to her." Brooklyn says"Raven I'm sorry about this...Do you mind if you talk to Louis? I mean...I understand if you don't want to talk to that peasant..." Louis says loudly"I'm right here." Brooklyn ruffles his hair and says"I thought you knew munchkin." At that he begins to mock cry and Brooklyn just flips him the burn and says sorry one last time before running out of the room. After Brooklyn leaves, Louis smiles and says" Do you mind if I tell Harry to come?She never told me what hairstyle she was getting. I need us to match because we are Peter Pan and Wendy. " Before I even reply, he yells" HAZ COME UP HERE!" I hear footsteps before Harry's face pops up on the screen. He looks at me and says"Raven?"

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