Shelby's Guide On How To Survive

I listened to the gun shot going off in the distant. I didn't want to get caught in the middle of it. It was a zombie horde I could tell. I creeped quietly making sure I couldn't be seen. I saw one women, one man, and one little girl. The little girl was on the ground.
"Come on she's a lost cause!" said a male voice.
"We can't leave her Jake!" said a female voice.
"She's going to get us killed Lauren!"


15. Sam What's Going On?

We were about half way back when we saw something. It was walkers, feasting on someone. Even though this was usual we stopped anyways. I killed the walkers demonstrating it to Liam. The person the walkers was feasting was someone very familiar.

"Oh my God," I said stunned.

"Y-you were right," Liam said growing pale.

If you didn't guess who it was it was Walter.

"No! No! This isn't happening!" I exclaimed.

"Shelby we have to get back right now!" Liam exclaimed.

We hurried back with an alarming greeting from Sam.

"Sam?" I asked,"What are you doing outside the walls?"

"Shelby Liam thank goodness you're safe!" Sam exclaimed.

"Sam what's going on?" I asked very alarmed.

"These people they came, and shot everyone! I barely escaped!" Sam exclaimed.

"What?" Liam said.

"They said something about Walter, and supplies!" Sam said.

"Oh God," I said growing pale.

"Sam get in the car!" Liam said sternly.

"Okay," Sam obeyed.

"Liam we have to go back to Alexandria!" I exclaimed.

"That's where we are headed," Liam said.

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