Shelby's Guide On How To Survive

I listened to the gun shot going off in the distant. I didn't want to get caught in the middle of it. It was a zombie horde I could tell. I creeped quietly making sure I couldn't be seen. I saw one women, one man, and one little girl. The little girl was on the ground.
"Come on she's a lost cause!" said a male voice.
"We can't leave her Jake!" said a female voice.
"She's going to get us killed Lauren!"


9. Questioning

"Walter how many walkers have you killed?" Rick asked.

"Don't ask me that question ask Shelby. She's the one who goes out." Walter said.

"Okay Shelby how many walkers have you killed?" Rick asked.

"Too many to count," I said.

"People," Rick asked.

"Two," I answered reluctantly.

"Wait what?!" Liam asked.

"They were turning. I had to," I said.

"Do you know who the Saviors are?" Rick asked.

"Who are you asking?" Liam asked.

"Any of you," Rick answered.

"I've never heard of them," I answered.

"Same," said Liam.

We all turned to Walter who went completely silent when Rick asked if we knew who the Saviors were.

"Umm I do," Walter mumbled.

"Wait who are the Saviors?" Liam asked.

"They are this group that take supplies from other groups otherwise they will kill you our someone from your group," Carl answered.

"What?! Is that why we are running low on supplies?! Is that why I have to go out everyday?!" I asked super annoyed at him.

"Shel-" Walter said as I cut him off.

"Save it Walter," I said still annoyed with him.

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