Shelby's Guide On How To Survive

I listened to the gun shot going off in the distant. I didn't want to get caught in the middle of it. It was a zombie horde I could tell. I creeped quietly making sure I couldn't be seen. I saw one women, one man, and one little girl. The little girl was on the ground.
"Come on she's a lost cause!" said a male voice.
"We can't leave her Jake!" said a female voice.
"She's going to get us killed Lauren!"


13. I Know

"What do you mean no?!" I asked Walter.

"We are not staying!," Walter said sternly.

"But Walter!" I said back.

"No buts we are going!" Walter sternly said.

"Walter this could be a great opportunity for the camp!" Liam exclaimed.

"Fine you two can stay, but I'm going!" Walter exclaimed.

"Fine," Liam agreed.

I tried to get Walter to stay. He could die! My dream was on the way back to the camp! I know me and Walter haven't agreed in the past, but he runs the camp! No matter how much I tried to persuade him he still went. I had this growing guilt. 

"Shelby are you okay?" Liam asked.

"I think Walter is going to die!" I exclaimed.

"Okay calm down," Liam said.

"I had a dream where there was this Savior named Simon, and it was on our way back to the camp!" I exclaimed.

"Shelby what did Simon do in your dream?" Liam asked.

"H-he shot you," I mumbled.

"What? Is that why you wanted to stay?"Liam asked. 

"I didn't want that to actually happen to you!" I exclaimed,"But now it might happen to Walter!"

"Shelby it's going to be okay," Liam said trying to calm me down.

"It's not my fault," I said.

"I know," Liam reassured me.

Liam took my hand, and I felt his lips on my forehead.

"I know," he said.

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