Get Together


3. Let's get closer

"I have a lot of homework." I say, quickly kissing my mom on the cheek.

I hurry up to my room and instead of doing homework, grab my diary. I jot down notes about my day and about Jack and Blake.

"Meredith! Your friend's here!" Mom calls up to my room and I sit up confused.

A friend? I brush a comb through my hair and fix my top. My mouth drops open when I get downstairs. Standing in my doorway is Blake.

"Blake! Hey!" I smile warmly as my mom walks away.

"Hi Meredith." He smiles back, with a look of admiration.

"Want to go on a walk?" I whisper and he nods.

As we begin strolling down the street, I look at Blake.

"How'd you find me?" I laugh softly and Blake smiles gently at me.

"Word gets around." He laughs gently and our eyes lock.

"Ahh..mysterious." I laugh and Blake leans into me.

"Ice cream?" I ask and he nods, smiling.

I order strawberry ice cream on a waffle cone, and Blake orders chocolate ice cream on a waffle cone. We slide into a booth and I lick my delicious ice cream.

"I barely know you. Tell me about yourself." I smile at Blake from across the table.

"Well, I play football. I have a younger sister, Claire who's 13. I'm have straight A's and I like to say I'm pretty good at jokes. What about you?" He asks.

"I'm an only child with a complicated backstory. Almost done? I can tell you outside." I whisper and Blake stands up and we walk down the road with our ice cream.

"Tell me. You can tell me anything." Blake whispers softly and I turn to him and stop.

We lock eyes as I say, "I know."

"My dad. He's been cheating on my mom for years with a younger girl, Katelyn. She even knew he was cheating. They had a daughter who's a year older than me. Yea, that's right." I say and swipe a tear from my eye.

Blake listens intently.

"Eventually, my dad got drunk and Katelyn ended up sleeping at our house. My mom found her in her bed with my dad and screamed at them. My dad made out with Katelyn right in front of her. He didn't care. That afternoon he drove his daughter, Hanna over to our house and forced my mom to let Hanna have all of my stuff. We let there with nothing, but we did get a good amount of money to live on. My mom got a job here, luckily. My dad doesn't talk to us anymore. He married Katelyn only a few weeks after we left. They took everything from us." I say and take a deep breath as I swipe tears from my eyes.

"Meredith." Blake stops and I run into his arms and cry my eyes out.

"You're not alone. Everything will be okay. He's a jerk and doesn't deserve and beautiful girl like you." Blake murmurs and I look up at him.

I smile and he cups my face in his hands. I lean in and our lips linger close. He wraps me in a passionate kiss, and then we gently pull apart.

"You're amazing, Meredith." Blake smiles down at me.

"So are you, Blake." I whisper and cuddle into him.

The whole walk home, our hands remain intertwined. When I get home he kisses me gently on the cheek before leaving.

What a night. What a night.

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