Get Together


2. Hey boys

The next morning, I wake up at 5, full of worry. I eat scrambled eggs with pepper for breakfast then straighten my long, blonde hair. I apply the tiniest bit of mascara and tie on my black converse. I watch an episode of The Vampire Diaries, then my mom drives me to school.

At my locker, a dark-haired boy approaches me. He gives a warm smile and I quickly return it.

"Are you new here?" He asks and I smile, making eye contact.

"Yeah. I'm Meredith." I reply and he nods and runs a hand through his hair.

"Hey Meredith. I'm Blake." He says as I slam my locker shut.

"Cool name, Blake. I should get to first period." I call back to him as I jog off toward first period, Biology.

In the beginning of Biology, my teacher calls me up to talk about myself. Ugh.

"Hey, I'm Meredith. I moved here from New York City." I smile and make eye contact with a different boy who doesn't stop staring at me the whole class.

After class, he meets up with me.

"Hey, im Jack." He grins dreamily.

"And I'm Meredith. And actually, I'm also late." I laugh and he joins in.

"I like your laugh. It's beautiful." He smiles and I stare into his deep brown eyes.

"Why, thank you. Aren't you the gentlemen?" I laugh and start walking to my locker.

"You caught me." He laughs. "Meredith. Do you want to meet up after school?"

He looks super sincere.

"I'm really sorry, Jack. I can't. I have a lot of studying and my mom has plans for us tonight."

He looks upset for a moment, then brushes it off.

"Studying on the first day...yikes!" He says.

"I guess so. I have to go. See you later, alligator." I smile back at him as I walk off to history, a class I'm now late to.


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