Get Together


1. A long way from home

"It's kind of gray here, isn't it?" My mom looks at me and I shrug.

"I guess so, but the forecast said it was going to be." I respond.

My mom parks out front of the local Target, and smiles over at me.

"I think we'll love it here." She whispers, and we begin walking into Target.

New town, new me. I smile as I pick up a pack of fairy lights.

"Just like your old ones back in New York." Mom whispers gently, and swipes a tear from her eye.

I toss two packs in the cart and move on. Mom tells me I can get anything I want.

I grab a gray bedspread, blue sheets, blue paint for my room, a white desk, a makeup organizer, and several containers for my desk supplies.

When we get home, I flop on my bed, now covered in my new sheets and comforter. I run a hand through my long hair and stare up at the ceiling. Tomorrow I start at the local high school. For a while, I just lay there and FaceTime my best friend back in New York, Brianna.

Around 5:30 PM, my mom calls up to me, "Meredith! Dinner!"

I take a few bites of my chicken, take a warm shower and I'm asleep by 9. A long day's ahead tomorrow.

AUTHORS NOTE: sorry for the short chapter! Just a bit of an intro to Meredith and her mother. ;-)

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