Hopeless Beliefs

A girl ends up in the hospital right after birth. How much more hope is there to lose?


1. -1-

An eleven year old girl named Hope, was out and about with her best friend, Liam. She saw a car coming round with a pizza. "Catch it, kids!" the delivery driver shouted. Hope caught the pizza but fell over a rock, causing her to fall on the road. Liam went to grab her from the road, but it was too late. The driver hit Hope and she fell under Liam's legs. Liam shouted for help. The delivery driver came out of the car. "Oh no! I'm so sorry Hope!" he said. Liam started crying softly. "Is she dead?" Liam asked. The delivery driver touched her chest. "No, she's in a coma," the delivery driver told Liam. He went and knocked on the door with Liam. "I hit Hope, with the car, accidentally! She tripped! Please help her!" Explained the driver. Hope's mum looked outside and fainted.

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