Amnesia || phan

Little by little, fragments of memories slowly came back to Dan; and slowly, he knew he'd unravel the truth. He didn't know what had happened, why and how it happened to him. He had no one with him, and he wanted nothing more than to just stay away and be illiterate and ignorant from the truth.

The memories soon became a puzzle piece; slowly portraying a deep, dark, sad but inevitable truth. It was too harsh for Dan to take it.

Too, too harsh.


2. Chapter 2

"I'm really, really glad you're here, Peej." I said, letting my head drop on Peej's shoulder as I hugged him.
He laughed as he took my wrist and led me inside, which then we sat on the couch.

"So what is this about?" PJ asked, referring to the dream I had.
Still very authentic in my brain, I replied with ease, "It's a man."
"He had greenish, bluish eyes, you could say that," I continued.
PJ shifted in his seat, making me adjust uncomfortably.
I was quiet, what more happened? It could just be a one-time thing, probably doesn't mean anything, and yet his face still lingers, making a huge impact on me.

Those perfect figures.

Why was I so caught up about this man? Gosh, I even called PJ to come over. But it's just so, different, I guess. It seems like it could be something I should really need to remember.

I don't even know why.

I snapped into reality, realizing I was with PJ.
"O-oh, sorry. Still caught up."
PJ positioned himself to sit and face me, his face showing pure innocence and gentleness. "What is it about, Dan?"
"No, it's- nothing,"
"Are you sure?"
I nodded, "Yeah, it is."
Still unsure, PJ decided to let it go and we sat back in silence.


PJ and I decided to order pizza and watch movies, and we ended up spending hours sitting on the couch. And just being with PJ got my mind off that mysterious man.
At least, I thought it would.
It didn't.

Lights dimmed and movie still playing, I was in PJ's warm arms, and my eyes were getting heavy, and soon enough, I blacked out.

"I'm sorry,"
That's him again, right in front of me.
But he was in a different state than last time. Now, both of his hands were covering his face.
"I'm really, really, sorry, Dan,"
He was sobbing uncontrollably. I felt like a knife was stabbing straight through my heart, and I don't even know why. It feels like I had to feel this way.
I have to feel sad, right?
"Forgive me, Dan. I couldn't control myself."
Seeing this man, right in front of me, I had the urge to just wrap my arms around him. He was vulnerable. But I couldn't move.
"It was me, I did it."
Feeling like someone was controlling my emotions, I now was producing tears, rolling slowly down my cheeks. 
"Forgive me."

That's what I last heard before I was woken up, into reality.

"Dan? Dan, are you okay?"
I woke up feeling sticky, not realizing my tears were covering my whole face.
Still feeling sad, not knowing why, I hugged PJ. It just felt like I needed to.
"What happened?"
I sobbed into his chest, "It's him again."
"The same guy? What happened?"
I took a moment, "I don't know, I-, he cried, and then I cried and I just can't-" And then I realized, I couldn't speak for shit when I cry.
PJ settled me down as he patted my back, "Shh, Dan, it's okay, just calm down, okay?"
I nodded, still unable to speak.

Why was he apologizing?
Has he done something wrong to me in the past?


After PJ left, I made myself comfortable in the bed when I heard a knock on the door.
Must've been PJ.
It has been 10 minutes since PJ left, and he had forgotten something.

Probably his car keys.

Slowly, I forced myself to walk towards the door and opened it, 
"Peej, what did you leav-" I was stopped when someone, not PJ, was standing at the doorway.
He had glossy eyes, those eyes you could call, perfection.
He was smiling,

"Hi Dan, it's been forever,"

It's him,

It's that guy from the dream.

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