Amnesia || phan

Little by little, fragments of memories slowly came back to Dan; and slowly, he knew he'd unravel the truth. He didn't know what had happened, why and how it happened to him. He had no one with him, and he wanted nothing more than to just stay away and be illiterate and ignorant from the truth.

The memories soon became a puzzle piece; slowly portraying a deep, dark, sad but inevitable truth. It was too harsh for Dan to take it.

Too, too harsh.


1. Chapter 1

"Dan? Dan. Wake up, sleepyhead."
Groggily, I opened my eyes. Where was I?
I looked around, yes, it's my room. But who was I with?
But then, everything around me goes black. My head throbbed with pain as I squealed.
A face popped up in front of me. Vivid. Very vivid. I can't tell who he is, but he is extremely familiar. I tried to force myself to recognize the face, but my head would hurt more. I gave up trying.

I woke up, sweating. I woke up. I took a minute or two to settle down, and then studied what dream I had earlier. Was this a fragment of my memories?
Who was this guy?

Was he important to me that his face was clear and so so realistic?

My heart still beating fast, I sat up.
If this was another piece of memory that I apparently lost, then I better not forget it.


"His pulse is stabilizing!"
A few sighs of relief were heard. What is this?

"Dan, are you awake?"
My finger twitched before I barely managed to open my eyes. I was surprised to see where I was. I was surrounded by men and women around me, looking down with relief.
I couldn't open my mouth to speak, but they knew that.

I was in a hospital.

A man, in a white coat, looked down on me. He explained everything that happened to me. Apparently I was in a terrible, terrible car crash 2 months ago. I was admitted here, urgently, under a stranger I've never seen or heard of.
I had to go through multiple surgeries, and ended up in a coma.
I almost failed, an hour ago, apparently, and everyone rushed in to give in sufficient urgent attention.
And here I am.

Tragically also, I suffer from traumatic amnesia, which could last for, well, they can't tell. I'll recollect my memories, hopefully, they said.

And every time I ask them the details of the man who registered me here, they would answer very simple; "We don't know either."
"Not even the name?"
"Phil, Phil Lester."


And ever since then, I have always given it my hardest to recall who I was, what I was before the accident, and everything that happened before.
So far, it has been 2 months since I left hospital, and only a few minor memories came back to me. Nothing that seemed important as this one.
Who was this guy?

I went to the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea, to calm myself down. 
Dropping myself on the couch, I dialed a number.

After a few dial tones, a voice finally picked up.
"Hey babe? What's up?"
A smile crept up, "Are you free right now? Wanna come over?"
"Are you okay?"
I sighed, "I had a very vivid dream; it might had a connection to the accident."
Without any second wasted, he replied back, "I'll be there in 5."
And then, he ended the call.


And sure enough, 5 minutes after that, my doorbell rang.
I lazily dragged my feet to the door, opening it to reveal a perfect figure.

He smiled, "Hey Dan."

"Hey Peej."

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