10 Things to Consider Before Engaging in Long Distance Relationships

Hello, beautiful people. This is just a simple list of things you should think about before committing to an LDR. No judgement or bias. Just a few ideas that I've drawn up to help you decide whether an LDR is a good idea for you. Enjoy.


2. Number One

First consideration: Is this for the right reasons?

So this may seem obvious or may not even be a part of your thinking process. But it's an important step in making any decision.

That being said, you have to know what you want or what you're looking for.

I mean...welllll.... not completely.

But you have an outline of what you want, right?

Indications that you are setting your relationship up for failure are:

-if you want a serious relationship and they don't....or vice versa

-they want a purely sexual relationship and you don't....or vice versa

-you're just lonely...or vice versa

These are all bad because you want two different things and aren't on the same page. Make sure you know what you want and what they want for the best match.

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