The Guy From the Dating Site

CiCi is 17 years old. She feels like nothing is ever going to get better. She just wants to be happy. So one day she had the idea to sign up for this dating site called Smatch. Where she soon fines Phillip. Who changes her life for the better.


1. Me

​My name is CiCi I just moved to Arizona to be with my grandma after my dad died. My mom left when I was nine so she was all i have until I turn eighteen, which is in about 5 months. I started school yesterday I really didn't like it. I thought maybe I would think at least one guy was hot here well boy was I wrong. Trust me they were cute but their attitudes were not! They all thought they were better than me and so did the girls. It's whatever when I turn eighteen I'm living with my bestfriend Morgan back in Florida. We still talk every morning before school. This move is just going to make us stronger for the five months I have to be here. I miss her so much and they had to just move me here with people i don't know. I had friends in Florida that could help me through this. We live in the middle of nowhere and I had a plan of getting a car this summer but there isn't anywhere around that I can work. The only good thing to this is I get to see where my dad grew up. I miss him hes only been gone for a couple weeks and it seems like it will never get better. I may be over exaggerating but he was all I had. My mom didn't want me and now who wants me. My grandma? She is 65 years old and she can't keep me forever. I just want to find my forever person.

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