Story Of My Life

This story is about the journey in the life of a girl from small to big from a wayward girl to the life of a Christian. She depends on Christ for strength as she cannot progress in life alone and lets God (the Holy Trinity-God the Father Yahweh, God the son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit one in three and three in one) guide her on her path through life. Persecutions come her way but that doesn't stop her from doing the right thing as she leans on the everlasting arms and depends on Jesus for strength to cope with life's situations.


3. Moving To Live on the Leeward side

In December 20th 2005 my Father came back for me to go with him to Richland Park to live with him. Things were going very well and everyone gave me whatever I wanted. I was loved. I began to feel acceptance and welcomed by my Father's side of my family until February 3rd 2006 when my Mother had a boyfriend because at that time she broke up with my Father and she moved along with her boyfriend to live with his Cyrus family in Layou. My Mother called the house phone to speak with me. She forced me to come and live with her warning me of consequences that I will face if I don't come to stay with her the next day.I went packed most of my things, even my school uniform, lunchkit, waterbottles, text books and notebooks and reluctantly came down to Layou to live with her, her boyfriend and his relatives. I was introduced to my Mother's boyfriend's relatives Mike and Sylvia and their children Eno and Haba. They started off good to me but in time my life became in total misery. Eno and Haba would constantly call me names like scaredy cat, scaredy rat and cry-cry baby and when I constantly told my Mother and her boyfriend about Eno and Haba's pesty behaviours they always shooed me off saying that Eno and Haba were older than me and I must have respect for them calling me a liar at times.(The truth is Haba was 1 year younger than me).Sylvia even used to defend their nonsensical attitude towards me. I used to get "licks" like peas if I complained. Sylvia used to run her mouth about me. One day she introduced me to a cousin of hers named Mossy who also used to run her mouth about me. They would also bad-talk my Father and stated that he gave me no training at home(where I lived back then). 

My Mother would leave and go out with her boyfriend everytime. She paid less attention to me and always told Mossy, Eno and Haba, Sylvia and Mike to take care of me. They were all callous to me except for Mike who used to treat me equally as if I was his own child and showered me with love and care. He called me his favourite girl. When Mike was in St.Vincent the family was less cruel but when he was away most times for his job overseas they were more viscous. I kept on asking the question when will I get a break from all this nonsense crying myself to sleep almost every night and later got into depression again and ate little to nothing of my food sometimes. Oh when will this insult and mal-treatment of me end. When?

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