Story Of My Life

This story is about the journey in the life of a girl from small to big from a wayward girl to the life of a Christian. She depends on Christ for strength as she cannot progress in life alone and lets God (the Holy Trinity-God the Father Yahweh, God the son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit one in three and three in one) guide her on her path through life. Persecutions come her way but that doesn't stop her from doing the right thing as she leans on the everlasting arms and depends on Jesus for strength to cope with life's situations.


1. Childhood

It all started a long long time ago, I was born on August 23rd 1999. I was pushed out by my Mother and my Father was there watching the whole process in the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.The placenta that my Mother had pushed out nearly wrapped around me...I nearly choked and died but God had a purpose for my life. I did not die.Thank God! I came out as a normal healthy looking baby and my Mother took care of me along with my Daddy until my Daddy left me in 2004 to study University Subjects in America, came back and took me home to live with him at Richland Park along with my Auntie and Grandfather.Then my Mother took me at the beginning months of 2005 let's say in April 2005 to live with her in Mackies Hill and it kept on alternating between my Mother and Father just like before St. Vincent and the Grenadines my homeland before it gained independence in October 27th 1999 in the beginning years it constantly alternated between British and French until the British gained full custody of SVG until full Independence in October 1979 so was it living with my Father and Mother kept on alternating until my Mother gained full custody of me at that time...She didn't take my Father to court. She just took me away from my Father in April 2005 to live with her. When I lived with her it started off good until after June 15th 2005 my life became miserable. She was a nice Mother except for her abusive temper tantrums at times. Days after days she would call me a burden for no reason. If I asked her for something to eat she would throw it at me, calling me nasty names all the time....shouting at me and slapping and beating me for no apparent reason...I didn't know which way to turn. She used to leave me with a bunch of people. I can't remember all of the people my Mother left me with but she used to leave me with somebody all the time and paid little attention to me. I used to go to bed all the time crying at night wondering when will this nonsense end. I used to also wake up at late hours in the night anytime and sleep- walk around the house. Then she slapped me whenever she saw me up without investigating why... few times I wanted to go to the bathroom, most times because of her abusive behaviour...She thought that by slapping me it would make me come to my senses but it only made my depression worse. 

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