Story Of My Life

This story is about the journey in the life of a girl from small to big from a wayward girl to the life of a Christian. She depends on Christ for strength as she cannot progress in life alone and lets God (the Holy Trinity-God the Father Yahweh, God the son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit one in three and three in one) guide her on her path through life. Persecutions come her way but that doesn't stop her from doing the right thing as she leans on the everlasting arms and depends on Jesus for strength to cope with life's situations.


4. Back At My home in Richland Park

One day I had enough of all this abuse. On the starting of July 2006 my Mother had gone out again as usual but she forgot her cellphone. I picked up the cell phone and called my Father to come for me in Layou to be with him in Richland Park. I gathered half of my belongings and waited until my Father came in two days. I went from upstairs to downstairs and hopped in the car. Before driving off, my Mother and Father were shouting at one another the car windows down and Mother upstairs sitting down with Sylvia, Eno and Haba. Eno started calling me names as usual, Haba jeered at me and Mother was shouting at me calling me ungrateful and exclaimed everything she did for me and I "still chose to leave everything behind to leave the family who cares for me," more name calling from Eno. I shouted at him and stated " Do not call me names!" Father drove off the car and took me out for KFC in Kingstown. Later we got out of the car and went home. I felt as if I was gladly received again. However my Father told me that "I must at least see my Mother,sometimes, I cannot cut her off entirely though I badly wanted to do so for how she was treating me. I wasn't going to live with the Cyrus family again but I at least had to go down to Layou because my Mother lives there and I needed some time to spend with her and bond with her." I at least spent time with her on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or sometimes one of the weekend days itself. By 3 weekend days all of my belongings were shifted back to Richland Park. 

Later on she and her boyfriend moved to Arnos Vale. I spent the weekends with her as usual. The house was an orange coloured two storey house. The first time my Mother came for me she was in her boyfriend's fat blue car. She walked out of the car, unbolted the red gate of the house and told me to stay with her....I didn't expect her to come for me as she did not tell me anything. I pulled on some clothes and hesitantly went down with her to Arnos Vale.The house was a very good house to be in,it had the desired breeze, cooling and everything I wanted. Mother knew that the house was good but she showered her anger on me, spoke to me harshly that I made her leave her "excellent relatives", I don't know what's good for me....she's going back to meet her relatives...I was born in this world to cause trouble and so on. My Mother's boyfriend told me that my Mother is just missing her relatives and she is angry but he is glad that I got away from the confusion of his relatives because they are like that sometimes. I knew that Mother was taking out her anger on me. Then I would go back up on Sunday nights to see my Father. It was a routine. On weekdays my Father would drop me to school, gave me everything I wanted. The only time I was penalized was when I did something wrong.

Living with my relatives in Richland Park was an excellent thing. I was happy that I was acknowledged by my Father, Auntie and Grandfather. I didn't want to go away from them again. Life with them was better than I imagined. They respected me, cared for me, let me shop for myself sometimes, trusted me, let me go out with others. I could not ask for a better family than this. They were the best.


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