It all begins with your bubble. Blog Post by Verina F.


1. Cheat sheet

 Every human being have a shoe size that fits them and each human being thinks that everything in life works like size tags... we all believe that we know what's the perfect match to our desires, to our forms. It is a little bit wondrous how people lean more towards safety and reassurance that everything will work only if you know what you want. You build up these dreams and goals, you decorate them with these fictional skies of hope and whats not. You manifest your own ideal universe. Not a utopia but just a little big world of your own. And in some twisted way this becomes your religion. You wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and no thoughts pop up. It is just you and it is just another day. You live your life and take the bliss of ignorance for granted. As  you move on with your life, you fall deeper into it, you get entirely lost and unconscious. Then you try to stop time because this cycle is coming into focus now and suddenly you realise you are not where you wanted to be because the truth is; you have never even known what you really wanted. 

You say okay I can't keep running away from time because it, eventually will, catch up on me. You pop the bubble and leave. Although you are still confused because there is still one thing you have not yet realised that you cannot rely on the belief that you are supposed to be in knowledge of what suits you best. Running life all over again, there you go. Getting hit over by all these unrequired so called daily necessities.  Slowly giving up finding a solution for the equation. You don't even care anymore to dig deeper to find the roots of it all. Because maybe there is no root, maybe life is infinite or maybe it is just was never meant to be a meaning to all of this. "What a waste", I keep thinking as I surrender all my intentions to flee the riddles of overthinking. 

There I go. Throwing it all away because no longer do I believe that existence is comprehensional. And it is not. Life is not a gift, or a bouquet of flowers which is even more delightful it is a surprise. That's not life. Life is uncalled for and I totally despite the thought of worshipping it. Generally I am against worshipping anything at all but specially this, confuses me a lot. It has been a dilemma to stay or to leave, but surprisingly for me I found out that you actually exist. That was then when I cheated on my uncalled for philosophy. How funny. 



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