Global Dismay

A group of supernatural adults save the world from an environmental complication, nevertheless, the government takes all of their hard work as their own, maybe the environmental compilation was their doing, find out


2. Misery

The mocking laughter of the government echoed in their hearts, a look of pure terror arrived on their faces as the government people, almost in sync, grabbed the fours arms in a hostile movement, they gasped at the unusual strength of the government people. Before they knew it they were lifted up from the ground, the short woman squirmed and kicked her legs frantically. The others watched the woman flail, trying to encourage her to stop. She ignored, continuing to flail, sadly that didn't get her anywhere other than a cell with sturdy metal bars and a rough concrete floor engraved with stones and various swirl patterns. She crossed her legs and arms, darting her eyes away from the others, refusing to give up on escape, only refusing to look at them. The young boy and the slender woman were paired together in a cell, the same interior design as the other cell but with different stone patterns engraved on the floor. Although the others were in cells the man stayed with the government people, his eyes tied up behind his back, looking at the others, tears forming in his eyes. The other's eyes widened as they looked at him, shadows lunging over him with sinister smirks, they grabbed his wrists and dragged him away, the other's eyes became watery as they tried seeing where they dragged him to. Sadly he was gone for a while, when he was being brought back in there was a massive, deep looking scar that started from the top of his eyebrow to the bottom of his eye, tears were flushing down his face as he looked up at them, his face covered from head to toe with splatters of blood and various cuts and marks.
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