Global Dismay

A group of supernatural adults save the world from an environmental complication, nevertheless, the government takes all of their hard work as their own, maybe the environmental compilation was their doing, find out


1. Triumph

Panic, all around the world was panic; spreading like wild fire. A group of supernatural, seemingly normal people save the day, a group of 4 to be exact. A tall, slender woman with an icy cold feel to her, a buff looking man with a scraggly stubble and a tempered soul, a short but agile woman with dark long hair and a young boy with un-natural super strength. They all are unique and most importantly heroes to the world, as they reported back to the government, the government were filled with joy as the released the splendid news all around the world, from London to Moscow and so on. The new found group didn't get much fame at first, strange don't you think? The young boy realised this and reported back to the government, addressing him and his companions issue, a mocking laughter came as a reply from the government, the boy became angered. The government were a shady bunch of individuals, like this world once was, a shady place...

The young boy's companions were informed, rushing over to 'sort out' the issue. The slender woman gasped and turned to the others, ranting on about how they should have full credit for saving the world and not them, a silence fell across the room afterwards as the man stood forward, backing up the woman's point. Yet another break of silence fell, no change of facial expressions on the government, sly faces. Suddenly a burst of anger came from the short woman's mouth, an angry blur of curses and rapid hand and body movements, she was clearly enraged by the situation at hand. The government people looked at each other before rising from their seats, walking up to the up to the four, their faces hidden and their shadows lunged over them, a string of fear tugged at the fours hearts, making them seem motionless, their facial expressions showed nothing but uneasiness and panic, maybe they were in the world's place the day before..  


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