Lost and Found

All three of us Authors had to move on from Middle to High School. These are our stories


4. Summer Time - A.B.19

     Middle school is over, it really has to be over. I don’t want it to be over! That means I have to move all the way to California! I know nobody there except for my family. But moving does mean that I can totally reinvent myself! The problem is, I don't know how, I guess I can stick to my normal sparkly unicorny self. Although, will I really stay sparkly with all this depression entering me? I have to spend a whole summer by myself, with no friends. Will I even make friends in California? Or will they all hate me? I am doing something called “Junior Guards” which apparently teaches kids to be lifeguards. I hope it’s not too much exercise for me.

     Turns out it is, and I have to go every weekday for three weeks, and I could barely handle day one! Maybe the friends i'm making here go to my school. I asked them and one lives in France, one lives in Texas, and the other lives an hour and a half away. What are the odds that I would meet people that go to my school? One in a million maybe? Who knows. Once the three weeks ended, I had a blister on the bottom of my foot, nice. After a few days, the depression kicked in even more, because what if my friends back in Colorado never want to see me again? What if they never liked me in the first place?Luckily all those thoughts washed away when Mrs. Greenkins came to visit me! It was the most fun I have had in a few months! I was so excited to see her that I cried a bit. When she was visiting, we got to go to the county fair, and Disneyland on my birthday! It was so amazing!

     She had to leave though of course, which put me into another state of depression. The whole summer was a giant roller coaster, but some of my favorite parts were facetiming Mrs. Greenkins and all my other friends. Soon, summer came to an end, and high school slapped me in the face with a giant bat, then ran me over with its expensive Lamborghini. 

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