Lost and Found

All three of us Authors had to move on from Middle to High School. These are our stories


7. High School at Last - A.B.19

Today was the big day were I would go into a very unfamiliar place, get lost, then run into a wall. Of course none of that happened, thankfully. When I got dressed, I put on a Dan and Phil tour T-shirt, hoping that it would help me make some friends. When I first arrived, my mom dropped me off, said goodbye and goodluck, then drove off. Part of  my “brilliant” plan that morning was to go 30 minutes early, which was a stupid plan because I sat on a bench the whole time. Once I found my classroom, people started to gather around the door and talk to their friends while I was just standing there awkwardly. Soon my bio teacher opened the door and welcomed us in. During that class it was very awkward, so I was glad to leave. The next class I had was P.E. so i headed over to the gym. That class was also very awkward, and I met nobody. Once the boring torture was over, I headed to math. When I was waiting outside, I saw a nice group of people talking. After about a minute, they noticed my shirt and called out “hey, I like your shirt” which made me happy because that was the nicest thing that had happened to me that day. I walked over and replied “Thanks” they said “did you actually go see it?” “Yes, I did” Then I was even happier because they kept talking to me “I actually got to go to two shows” One said, “I wanted to go but never got around to it” Another said, “I bought tickets but my parent surprised me with a vacation, so I never got to go” The third replied. Finally the teacher showed up and we all sat inside together. Sadly, math had to come to an end and I walked over to the theater for drama. I love acting so that was the best class I had all day. Sadly that had to end and I could not find my new friends during lunch. Once lunch was over, I headed over to my health class, which was also pretty boring. Once that was over, I went over to my English class and sat down. The room was decorated very interestingly, but in a way felt very cozy. While I was waiting for class to start, I got a good look at my teacher, whose hair was dyed orange and yellow! I find it very interesting that a teacher dyed her hair, but it was very cool looking. Class soon started and she was handing out forms and I got to see the person sitting behind me. I turned around and saw a guy looking at me weirdly, which made me feel bad inside. Every time I had to pass something back, we just exchanged weird looks and then I would turn away. After english was over, school ended and my parents picked me up. All night I was wondering what the next day would bring.

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