Lost and Found

All three of us Authors had to move on from Middle to High School. These are our stories


2. Freedom - FrostWolf

FREEDOM!  Finally.  I was out of the stupid 8th grade, and onto bigger and better things...like High School.  I was headed to Arapahoe High School, the best High School there is...I mean Freshman get off hours, and an open campus.  We had a solid 30 places to eat around us, and it was one of the highest academically standing High Schools in the state.

    I was ready to get on the ball field to play for my High School, to get back in my gear and hear the umpire shout behind me.  I was ready to be with a team I would play for, for the next four years.  Ready to stop being classified as a Middle Schooler and finally say, “I’m a Freshman!”  Get away from all the kids that I had know for 5 years, and so damn ready for everyone to stop calling me “Kid” or other nicknames like that.  I was just so ready.

    Yeah...all my best friends were going to different High Schools, we were getting split up, and we weren’t going to see each other every day, but I had to get out.  I loved them, I truly did, but I was done.  I needed new people...I mean don’t get me wrong, all my old friends were still going to be my best friends, I was still going to be there for them, but I just needed new people.  More socialization, people to talk to, get to know, become friends with.

    There were a few girls and a couple of other guys that were coming from my Middle School that were going to Arapahoe, but I never really got along with them...like that buddy buddy type relationship, ya know?  I mean I knew them, I had known them all for years, they talked to me and such, but I wasn’t part of their click group, their inside jokes and laughter.  I sat on the outside, not knowing what else to do.

    Honestly, it was hard enough being bi/pansexual, much less trying to go to a new school, High School to make it even worse, but trying to fit in was even more of a challenge.  Like who would ever accept the crazy, weird person for who I was?  Why would anyone want to be my friend?  What if I didn’t live up to what everyone expected of me?  Or say or do the right things?  Would people judge me when I walked down the hall or try and trip me?  Would I be bullied or harassed?  What if I didn’t make any new friends or know anyone through all four years of High School?  

    So many what if’s and no guarantees of anything, just questions, questions, and more questions.  But here I was, the most uncertain person on Earth about to step into the next four years of my life.  The years that would change everything, that would shape exactly how my life was going to go after that; what I would be studying, where I would work, and so on.  

    So, here we go.  High School.

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