Lost and Found

All three of us Authors had to move on from Middle to High School. These are our stories


3. First Day - Mrs.Greenkins

Last day of 8th grade was heartbreaking. Leaving all of my friends was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Wouldn’t get to see them every day and we all had such different schedules that getting together was rather hard. So I spent my summer watching Netflix, FaceTiming A.B.19 and FrostWolf, stressing about high school and missing all of my friends. I did do a few fun things over the summer. I went to see TATINOF (the amazing tour is not on fire) which was amazing greatest moment of my life. I went to an amusement park with FrostWolf and some other friends for my birthday which was fun. I also flew to California to visit A.B.19 for her birthday. It was a surprise and my god you should have seen her face. I thought she was going to pass out in the parking lot.

The first day of school was great. I found out that my elementary school friends still liked me, and for the most part remembered who I was. One of my friends didn’t which was hilarious as she shook my hand and introduced herself. All of my classes looked for the most part fun. I didn’t start having massive homesickness until about two months into the year. I missed my friends and teachers from middle school so much I cried myself to sleep most nights. It was not a good time for me. But eventually after the holiday time it passed and I’ve been okay since. Occasionally having one of those days when the strong pull of homesickness grabs me and pulls me under.

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