Lost and Found

All three of us Authors had to move on from Middle to High School. These are our stories


6. Domo - Mrs.Greenkins

Alright so my english teacher Mr. Domokos is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He’s really nice and very funny. I call him Domo for short. I have to short stories about his class that were fun instances for me. The first was before break while we were reading Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and let it be noted that Domo really, strongly, hates Romeo. So we were reading and Romeo was being “all emo” as Domo said and asked anyone in the class if they still liked Romeo. And like the troll I am I raised my hand. Domo’s reaction was basicly this “really Ms. Greenkins!” then he tried to come up with a come back and had nothing. I left my teacher speechless. Another time  was a week later we had a greek mythology test and of the questions was “Pandora opened her box and released ______ into the world.” Now I knew it was evil spirits or something bad but I wasn’t 100% sure so instead I put “and Domo was released into the world.” So later in class he graded my paper. He was really shocked and the funny thing was he didn’t realize it was my paper. He thought it was someone else's. I sat there in the corner silently laughing as he realized that it was my paper. Later that class period he knocked everything off my desk as revenge.

    The latest incident which happened a few days ago made my honestly so happy. Right now my class is reading A Tale of Two Cities and we were each assigned a character to watch. I was assigned Madame Defarge. During class Domo was explaining about all the characters and when he came to Madame Defarge he explained how shifty and creepy she was. That on his list of most villainous women in stories she was second only to Macbeth from Shakespeare's play. Then after a little more explaining about Madame Defarge, Domo paused and said “like Mrs. Greenkins.” and held his hand out in my direction. Literally every head in the class turned to me and I looked up like what and waved innocently. Domo then said, “The quietest people are the most mysterious because you don’t realise there there [and] Mrs. Greenkins is the quietest on in class. But she’s always paying attention and never zones out. I bet if she wanted. Mrs. Greenkins could black mail everyone in the class.”

    I sat there the whole time smiling. Which probably made most of the kids even more uncomfortable. Because I am the quietest and I do listen to everything around me but I’ve never thought of blackmail. Also I think a lot of the kids in the class who didn’t know I existed are now afraid of me now. I love my english class.

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