My Celeb Boyfriend

I'm dating the most famous person in the world 23 year old Justin Bieber we get a lot of publicity but not the kind of publicity we were hoping for


9. Chapter 9

We went out to dinner then we went to dance at our fav night club

I was wearing a short red dress and black heels

I think Justin thought I looked sexy judging by the look on his face

He was wearing a jacket that was open and he had no shirt on

Good thing we're sitting next to each other we kissed I put my hand on his chest while kissing him

ANOTHER about us

It was titled

"Dinner Date"

It said

"The couple was having dinner and Justin staring at Lucy wearing a short red dress he must of thought she look sexy" "Lucy staring at Justin she was seen putting her hand on Justin's chest while he wasn't wearing a shirt and she said in quote "good thing we're sitting by each other" "I guess she should of told Justin his abs were sexy"

After that he took of his shirt his abs so hot and sexy

I kissed him with my hand feeling his rock hard abs

You must work out a lot




Lucy was heard asking Justin does he workout a lot

Stupid Media


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