My Celeb Boyfriend

I'm dating the most famous person in the world 23 year old Justin Bieber we get a lot of publicity but not the kind of publicity we were hoping for


5. Chapter 5

Another story about us "the couple took to twitter and Lucy posted a photo

With the caption "me and my babe at the night club"

"Rumors are true TRUE"

Then that same day Justin took to Instagram and posted the same pic with the caption "me and my babe on the dance floor #Dance floor makeout sesh"

then ANOTHER! story titled

"dance floor now street corner

The couple were seen lookin extra cozy together on the street corner by a dumpster

I was wearing a short golden dress with stockings and black boots

On a wall one leg on the wall one on the ground

Justin was in front of me I said

"Are you gunna kiss me like you said you would"

He said "do you trust me and do you love me"

"course I do"

He kissed me


She was seen putting her hand on his chest when he didn't have a shirt on so if he took off his jacket he would be completely shirtless While kissing Lucy took Justin's jacket off it dropped behind him she was heard calling him sexy

As they were kissing Justin put his hands on her waist pulling her towards him

He Kissed me

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