A stranger to myself

Notes to self.


2. You're Not Fine

How ironic is it. You don't like to hear people complain yet when you find yourself around others you find yourself complaining because you don't know what else to talk about. I hate that. No one likes hearing people complain and no one wants to be friends with a gloomy person.


The things is you're exactly that type of person. At first you don't know why you're gloomy and that makes you even more depressed. I'll give you some advice. 


Look up your horoscope. I don't care if you don't believe in them, google some videos and watch the different interpretations of others and search yourself. (I try to avoid tarot card readings r. r)


I'm a Sagittarius, to be specific, my birth symbol is a badass half man, half horse ready to shoot down some peaches with its bow and arrow. Sometimes you're horoscope will just show a symbol and that is a sign. My sign is an arrow, it is pointing to something, it is a direction. It is saying. Go. Just go girl, go! 


Saggitariuses....Saggitarui? ...How do I pluralize that? Anyway we were not meant to be confined in one space, looking back on my childhood, I enjoyed traveling, I enjoyed being productive...it made me feel satisfied with my life somehow. I am a free spirit, I am a flaming arrow symbolizing passion, freedom and adventure! There's no question of whether I can be tamed or not, this discomfort, constant frustration and depression are my testimony! I can not be tamed! (Though that's just me, I don't know what the sign of you guys are). 


So what's your sign? 



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