♡What Makes You Beautiful♡

The night 19-year-old Bella Frost attended a One Direction concert with her little sister was a night she did not expect. At least, she didn’t realise how that one night would be the start of a future.


12. We only wanna have a laugh

I wanna stay up all night
And jump around until we see the sun
I wanna stay up all night
And find a girl and tell her she's the one
Hold on to the feeling
And don't let it go
‘Up All Night’ – One Direction

Bella's POV

It was Thursday, the 16th of April. The day Bella was supposed to fly back to Australia. But Harry had changed her ticket to Saturday. He had the power to do it and he did it. And now, they were officially dating. As Bella expected, the Internet and social media had basically exploded at the news. There were those few fans that didn’t like it all but with the negative came the positive. Bella stayed on the phone for at least three hours, talking to her friends and her sister. They weren’t jealous at all. They were happy for her. That made Bella feel so much better. Every time she thought I am dating Harry Styles, a smile spread across her face. She had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. Thankfully, she wasn’t. It was all real.

In the late afternoon, they got a visitor. Or rather, a person who shared the house with Harry every now and then. It was Bella who had heard the sound of a key in the door. She had been sitting on the couch and stood up, heading towards the entrance hall. She stopped by the wall and watched as the front door opened to reveal Louis Tomlinson standing there with a black suitcase and a gym bag was slung over his shoulder. Bella stared at him. She was dating a One Direction member and another one was only six or seven feet away from her. How did my life come to this? She asked herself. Louis looked at her, his blue eyes widening a little at the sight of her.

“Hello there, love.”

He says “love” too? Jesus, what is with these English beauties? It’s just not fair! The English were such gentlemen while Australian men were more laidback and outgoing, shall we say. Bella managed to find her voice and gave Louis a weak smile.


“Well, you know me. And I know you. Only we’ve never met.” Louis said, walking inside the house, dragging his suitcase inside before closing the door and locking it behind him. A pair of sunglasses was perched on his head, his hair combed to the right, stubble littering his chin and above his lip. It suited him. He had grown from a teenager into a young man, just like the other boys. He placed his suitcase against the wall and adjusted the strap of his gym bag. Louis approached Bella, holding out his hand.

“It’s great to finally meet you, Bella.” He smiled. Bella’s eyes widened as she slid her hand into his, shaking it. Of course he knows my name. He also saw me at the concert with Ashley. Her thoughts turned to her sister. This is going to make her even more jealous! She realised she was being too quiet and cleared her throat.

“Sorry, it’s just…I’m a fan and you surprised me.”

“That’s quite alright, love. I prefer silence to fainting.” He smiled cheekily. Just like Harry, he was kind. Damn that English charm! Bella was just about to say something when she heard another voice, one she had grown accustomed to over the past week.

“Louis, mate! You’re back.”

Both Louis and Bella looked in the direction of where the voice came from. Harry was descending the stairs, a smile on his face. He walked over to the two of them and clamped his hand down on Louis’s shoulder.

“I see you’ve met my girlfriend.”

Bella’s heart jumped at the mention of the word “girlfriend”. It was surreal. On what planet did she have a chance of being the girlfriend of Harry Styles? There wasn’t an answer because there was no need for one. It was just where life took her and it had done so for a reason. She managed to smile at Harry, a faint blush creeping along her tanned cheeks.

“I can see why you never shut up about her, Hazza.” Louis said playfully, smirking as his gaze went from Harry to Bella, who was looking at him with nervous eyes.

“The boys and I had to put up with Harry here talking about you ever since the tour started. You’ve got him nailed down, love. More so than I’ve seen any other girl do.”

Seriously? I’m sure Harry has much more interesting things to talk about than me. But apparently not. She looked at Harry to see his mouth forming into an annoyed smirk.

“Thank you, mate, for embarrassing me in front of my girlfriend.”

“Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?” Louis shrugged his shoulders and smiled at Harry. He nodded at Bella, winking at her discreetly. She already felt at ease in Louis’s company. He seemed sweet but with an adorable sassiness that many Directioners died over. He went to retrieve his suitcase and went up the stairs, leaving Harry and Bella alone.

“I’m sorry about him. He’s always cheeky, it drives me fucking nuts sometimes.”

“No, it’s fine, Harry. He’s very kind, just like you.” Bella smiled. Then, she felt his arm circle her waist, making her step forward, her left hand pressed against his chest. A mischievous look glinted in his eyes, the dimples in his cheeks showing as he smiled.

“It looks like we won’t have the house to ourselves anymore.”

That’s right. I’m going to have to refrain from kissing him so much now. Bella was never quiet when Harry kissed her. She would giggle and smile when his lips were on hers. She would squeal when he pulled her up into his arms. She would laugh when he peppered her neck and face with kisses. That luxury was gone now since Louis was here. Bella smiled and played with the collar of his spotted shirt.

“We’re just going to have to be quiet then, won’t we?”

If he can be sultry, then so can I. One moment, she was looking into his eyes. And the next, he was kissing her. She gladly welcomed the taste of his lips, keeping her hands in appropriate places. They weren’t the only ones in the house now. The smile she and Harry shared when they broke the kiss was electrifying, full of thrill, charged with adrenaline. Just a grin from Harry made her day. It was all Bella needed. But her wants were different to her needs. Her wants would only be fulfilled when Louis wasn’t around. So Bella would have to wait. But she would wait for Harry. However long, she would wait.


Harry's POV

“She’s a beauty.”

“You think I don’t know that, Louis?” Harry laughed.

“I’d call her more than a beauty but I know what you’re like if I say a comment about a girl you’re with…” Louis grinned.

“Good, don’t say anything.” Harry nodded.

They were in the open kitchen; Harry was standing tall, one hand on the counter and Louis sat on the counter, digging into some cookie dough he had picked up from a supermarket on the drive back from Doncaster. He is such a pig… Harry sighed under his breath. It was ridiculous the amount of cookie dough Louis ate. He had a big sweet tooth.

“I’m guessing you two have kissed?” Louis smiled, placing a spoonful of cookie dough in his mouth. Harry rolled his eyes at his friend and pressed his lips together. Sometimes, Louis was so immature. When he and Niall were in the same room, the teasing Harry got was horrendous. Liam was the most mature on the subject of girls. To Harry anyway.

“That’s a yes then?” Louis continued.

“You haven’t been here for twenty minutes and you’re already asking me personal questions…”

“The joy I feel when I tease you, Harry. It’s honestly the best thing.”

Harry shook his head and placed his other hand on the counter, stretching out his arms. He looked to his right, across the entrance hall. Bella sat on the couch comfortably, her feet tucked underneath her jean-covered thighs. In her hands was the novel Wuthering Heights. She was so immersed in the book that she didn’t see the two members of One Direction looking at her. Harry couldn’t look away from her. Even in the distance, he could see the way her eyes glistened and the way her lips formed into a soft smile. He was just as engrossed in Bella as she was in her novel.

“I think Hazza’s in looooveee…”

Harry turned around to glare at Louis. I swear, one more word out of him… He decided to change the subject.

“Enough about me and Bella. How was Doncaster?”

“It was good. Mum’s good. So are my sisters. Mum’s just as interested in your relationship with Bella as the rest of the population of girls in the world.” Louis smiled.

“I said enough about me and Bella.”

“You can’t ignore it, Harry. The pictures of you and her are everywhere. Leaving the café, holding hands, leaving the restaurant, on Westminster Bridge, heading towards the London Eye. People are desperate to know about the two of you.”

“I released the statement that we’re dating. What more do they want?”

“Just…more.” Louis shrugged his shoulders.

Harry knew the media was never truly satisfied and it bugged him. People wanted to know anything and everything. His privacy had dwindled as the hype of One Direction increased. It made it hard for Harry to date because each girl he was with was looked at under a microscope, looking at each aspect of her life. That’s why he chose women who were already in the spotlight, because they were already used to it. But Bella…Bella wasn’t. She was a down-to-earth Australian girl who worked in a bakery, burdened with a sweet personality and a heart of gold. Harry believed she was meant to be treasured and adored. He counted himself lucky that he was the man to do so. He only had two more days with her and he was determined to make the most of both of them.

Louis finished his cookie dough and dumped his bowl and spoon in the sink. He hopped off the counter and opened a drawer behind Harry.

“Right…what do you want to do tonight?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” Harry looked over his shoulder at his fellow bandmate.

“Well, I want to get to know Bella. I’d love to be friends with her, she’s adorable.” Louis smiled, fishing out a Pizza Hut menu. It was no secret to anyone who knew Louis Tomlinson that he loved Pizza Hut. He was such a garbage guts.

“I suggest we stay in for the night. Order some pizza, watch a movie or two. What do you say, Hazza?” Louis asked. Harry turned around to face his friend, a serious expression on his face.

“What if Bella doesn’t want to do that?”

“I’ll go and ask her now then.” Louis said simply. He didn’t give Harry a chance to respond. He walked out of the kitchen, menu in hand, and headed over to Bella.

Harry watched as Louis took a seat next to her on the couch. Their voices were inaudible as they talked. Bella lowered the novel down onto her lap as Louis held up the Pizza Hut menu. Harry saw his girlfriend smile and nod before letting out a laugh, probably because Louis said some sort of joke. As Louis and Bella chatted, Harry felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket. He took it out and unlocked it to see he had received a text from his mother.

From Mum: Just found this an hour ago. I’m happy for you, Harry :)

There was a link to a website at the end of the text. He copied and pasted it onto a new Internet tab and waited for it to load. Words appeared on the screen, stating the beginning of an article. Harry leaned forward, his forearms on the kitchen counter, as he read what was on his phone.

“Yes, I have a girlfriend.”

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of millions of Directioner hearts breaking. Harry Styles, a member of the boy band One Direction, has let the world know he’s no longer a bachelor. It was last week when pictures arose of the English heartthrob having lunch in a café close to his house with a young brunette. Directioners went into a frenzy and demanded answers. Styles delivered on that.

After being photographed again with the mystery girl in London two nights ago, Styles took it upon himself and made a statement yesterday morning. “Yes, I have a girlfriend. She’s wonderful.” That’s all he gave us. Not an age or a nationality. Not even a name. Guess we’ll all have to be patient for more information. The only thing we know for certain is Harry Styles is on the market no longer.

Below the article were three pictures. Two Harry had seen before, him and Bella leaving the café and another one of them walking down the street hand-in-hand. The third one was of Harry and Bella stepping out of the restaurant in London. Bella’s head was slightly lowered and Harry was in the middle of walking, his hand covering hers in a tight grasp. An array of comments were left at the bottom of the article but Harry didn’t read them. He never wanted to. People’s opinions didn’t matter to him, especially related to his personal life. It was called personal life for a reason. It was private, simple as that.


Louis’ voice brought Harry out of his thoughts. He looked up from his phone and saw Louis and Bella still seated on the couch, both of them looking at him.

“We need to decide what pizzas to order.” Louis said. A sudden craving for pizza pooled in Harry’s mouth and his mouth salivated. He could just imagine the smell of hot crust and delicious toppings. Harry told them to give him a moment; he got off the Internet and messaged his mum back, saying thank you, before pocketing his phone. He gave Bella and Louis a smile as he walked out of the kitchen and into the living room.


Bella's POV

She couldn’t believe where she was. In front of her was the one of the biggest televisions she had ever seen, playing the classic movie Grease, which was Louis’ favourite film. Bella was seated in between Harry and Louis on the couch, the lights dimmed. A One Direction sandwich. She giggled to herself. Three pizza boxes lay open on the large coffee table; slices of Supreme, Tuna Sweetcorn Melt (Harry loved sweetcorn) and Texan BBQ lying there, still warm, ready to be eaten.

On the TV screen, the character of Sandy sung Hopelessly Devoted To You, which was one of Bella’s favourite songs in the film. She softly murmured the lyrics under her breath as she felt Harry’s arm wrap itself around her shoulders. Bella stopped singing immediately and looked at the movie playing, Louis silent beside her. Harry’s warm breath ghosted over her ear. She could hear the smile in his voice when he spoke to her.

“Keep singing.”

Bella lowered her eyes to her lap. She couldn’t look at him, knowing he’d have that stupid smirk on his face. She watched as Sandy sang in her stunning voice. Bella loved Olivia Newton-John and would forever be a fan of hers.

“My head is saying, "Fool, forget him."
My heart is saying, "Don't let go.
Hold on till the end."
And that's what I intend to do
I'm hopelessly devoted to you.”

Bella whispered the last line and before she could take a breath, Harry’s lips were pressed against her temple, his hand stroking her shoulder. Her eyelids fluttered as his other hand moved over her thigh, coming to rest on her hands, which were in her lap. Bella weaved her fingers with his, his rings cold and hard against her skin. Fortunately, Louis was so into the film that he didn’t see the intimate moment occurring right beside him. Bella smiled and returned her gaze to the TV, Harry’s lips still close to her skin.

All three of them belted out You’re The One I Want, the melodies of two men and one woman marrying perfectly. During the chorus, Bella saw Harry look at her when he sung the lyrics, especially when the words “You’re the one I want” came. I’m the one? I’m the one he wants? Bella asked herself. She still remembered what he had said in the passenger capsule of the London Eye.

You are my heart, Bella.

She couldn’t believe he had actually said that. To her, of all people. Never had a guy said something so romantic, so heartfelt, so real to her. It made Bella feel like she was worth something. When Jacob cheated on her, she thought he did it because she wasn’t good enough for him. But Harry treated her like she was good enough for him. Like she was worth something to him. The one thing Bella hadn’t ever expected in her wildest dreams was that she could steal a celebrity’s heart. A celebrity desired by so many females around the globe. But she had and her own heart had been captured. She just didn’t know to what extent yet.

“I could watch this film over and over again.” Louis sighed, leaning back on the couch, placing his hands behind his head as the credits rolled.

“What character do you think you’re most like?” Bella asked.

“Danny, for sure. I played him in my school play. It’s what motivated me to audition for The X Factor.”

“And look where you are now.” Bella smiled.

“I know, it’s crazy! But I’m grateful. I love being a part of this band, it’s truly a blessing. And teasing Harry here is an added bonus.” Louis chuckled.

“You’re the oldest member of the band yet you’re the true immature prankster out of all of us. That is something I don’t understand.” Harry said. Bella giggled and sat back, leather meeting her spine comfortingly. She watched as the two young men flung comments at each other, both of them wanting the last word. It was like seeing a pair of brothers bicker, because that’s what Harry and Louis were. Bella could see that. Not bound by blood but bound by the band and their friendship.

“So…Harry…how’s the writing going?” Louis asked, taking a slice of Texan BBQ and biting into it like a 6-year-old child. He wiped his mouth with his fingers as he waited for his friend to answer. Bella looked at Harry, wondering if he was going to tell Louis about If I Could Fly and that she was the inspiration behind it. To her surprise, he didn’t.

“It’s going well. I’ve got one song that’s almost finished and a couple more ideas in my head. Don’t know what to do with them yet. You?”

“I forgot to tell you, I met up with Liam. We’ve got some really good ideas. This album’s going to the best one yet.” Louis smiled, finishing his slice of pizza. God, he eats fast! Bella gasped. Harry agreed with Louis’ statement and got off the couch. He asked Bella if she was going to eat any more pizza; she shook her head. He then closed the lids of the cardboard boxes and stated they’d save the slices for later. Harry left the room to put the boxes in the fridge and Louis turned to Bella.

“Harry tells me you like quite a few songs of ours.”

“I do, actually. Thank my sister for that.” Bella said, rolling her eyes.

“She was sweet, I remember her.” Louis chuckled.

“She’ll die of happiness when I tell her that.”

Louis chuckled again and asked her what songs she liked. So she reeled off the same list she had told Harry when he had asked her. Of course, If I Could Fly was now on the list but Bella didn’t tell Louis that. He asked her if she had any of the songs on her phone to which she responded with a nod. Louis told her to scroll through her music and quote “have a bit of a dance”.

“But…I’m crap at dancing.” Bella bit her lip, grabbing her phone and going into the music folder.

“You’ve seen us on stage. We’re not exactly world-class dancers, love. We just want to have some fun.” Louis smiled. It was true. The boys of One Direction looked dorky and adorable when they danced. They acted like children. Bella looked at her songs and pressed play on the first one that caught her eye.

The opening to Up All Night came out of her phone and Louis leapt off the couch, a smile on his youthful face, his blue eyes glistening.

“Ah, the title of our debut album! Good choice, Bella.” He shouted over Liam’s voice on the first verse, taking the movie disc out of the DVD player. Bella stood up as Louis slipped the disc back into the DVD. He began to dance around the room, his arms flaying about in the air like some sort of madman. He wasn’t drunk but he looked like he was under the influence of alcohol.

“I love this song, it’s a great one to perform.” He beamed, dancing past the couch and across the entrance hall. Bella had no choice but to follow him, her phone in her hand, Up All Night blasting out of it. Harry was just closing the fridge door when Louis and Bella came into the open kitchen, one dancing and one standing still.

What are you doing?” He laughed.

“Open your eyes and ears, Hazza! I’m dancing and singing.” Louis said like it was the most obvious thing in the world before launching into the chorus of the song.

“You’ve got the singing bit down but not the dancing.” Harry smirked, looking at Bella, who smiled widely, her iPhone on the kitchen counter, the song still playing.

“OK, Styles, what have you got then?” Louis challenged, moving his feet in a complicated move. Harry winked at Bella and walked around the edge of the counter, facing Louis. He waited until the second chorus before doing some sort of move that was definitely made up on the spot. He was just as bad as Louis and Bella laughed, watching as the two men went into an impromptu dance-off. And that was where the night truly began.

They danced for at least three hours, listening to almost every song on all four of One Direction’s albums as well as a few other artists they loved. Harry, Louis and Bella were accompanied by a bottle of red wine, three glasses stood on the counter, waiting to be refilled after all the liquid was drained. Dancing to Steal My Girl was hilarious. They created a skit of Bella being the girl that Harry and Louis fought over, pulling on her arms in both directions. She had never laughed so much in her life, two gorgeous men pretending to steal her away from each other. Harry, Bella and Louis raised their glasses to Girl Almighty and they danced around like idiots to Act My Age. It was too much fun to be had in a single night.

The last song they listened to was What Makes You Beautiful. A great song to end on. It was the band’s first hit and the first song of theirs Bella had heard. Her sister had been adamant to listen to the songs in order and Bella witnessed the evolution of the boys’ voices over the four albums. Bella was living the dream, singing One Direction songs with two of the band’s members and dancing with them, celebrating their youth.

It was just after midnight when the three of them retreated upstairs. Louis went first, yawning, while Harry and Bella followed him, his arm around her shoulders and her arm around his waist. The alcohol pumped through Bella’s bloodstream, making her a little drowsy. Louis stopped at the landing and turned around to give them a serious look.

“I’ll have no intimate noises between you two.” He said.

“Who are you? My dad?” Harry laughed.

“No. I just don’t fancy hearing sex noises and kissing sounds when I’m trying to sleep.” Louis raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips. He bid goodnight to the two of them before turning around and disappearing down the hall to where Bella assumed his bedroom was. As soon as Louis was gone, Harry looked down at her, his green eyes glowing in the dark.

“I suggest we sleep in our separate rooms. Don’t want to piss Louis off.”

“I agree. I can handle not being in your arms tonight.” Bella said.

“But who says I can’t handle not holding you in my arms?” Harry asked.

Bella stared up at him, her lips parting. She wished she could be in his arms all night every night but they had to be careful, now that Louis was back. If they were going to be intimate, Bella would prefer it if they were the only ones in the house. Just the two of them. She smiled at him and wrapped her arms around his torso, hugging him tightly. She buried her face in his chest as Harry returned her embrace, his lips pressed against her hairline. Bella breathed in his masculine scent and closed her eyes, not wanting to release her hold on him. She sighed and lifted her head to look up at him, her hands on his back.

She rose herself up onto her tiptoes and kissed the spot where his neck met his jaw. Bella could hear his breath change, his hands tightening their grip on her from the contact of her lips on his skin. Harry moved his head to the side and captured her mouth with his. It was a gentle kiss but still held enough passion that made Bella’s breathing slow down.

“Good night, beautiful.”

“Good night, Harry.” She breathed back. He let her go and turned his back on her to walk to his bedroom. Just as Bella was going to her bedroom, she saw Harry flash her a smile, his dimples making her knees weak. Then, his face disappeared behind the door, leaving an image in Bella’s mind that made its way into her dreams.





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